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In Which Wednesday Links Are Here And There For You by alexcarnevale
March 26, 2008, 10:40 am
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The House That I Built and Other Links To Soothe Hard Feelings

by Alex Carnevale

Sketches of the new Yankee Stadium hit the news yesterday. I felt some satisfaction in knowing that I paid for some of it.

Amazingly Rudy Giuliani, representing the city of New York as a lame duck mayor, agreed to pay half of the stadium’s construction tab. For what reason I have no idea. The team wasn’t exactly threatening to move. Bloomberg then came in, and to his credit, used an escape clause to back out of the deal. At least one New York politician did one thing right.


I call spaces like the above “nonsense spaces”, the Yankees call them luxury suites

Taxpayers will pay some $70 million just for parking garages which the city will operate to gouge the people still further. I really gotta get on the right side of the law, it is extremely lucrative. Were that not enough:

State taxpayers, through money that has accumulated from the MTA’s budget since the 1980s, will also pay all of the costs of a train station on the Metro-North commuter railroad.

Just so people from Connecticut can come to the game? This is the world of sports teams and municipalities. For my non-sports readership, this situation is also coming to a head in Seattle with the Supersonics.


nothing like replicating one of the ugliest historic sightlines in baseball in your new stadium. tradition!

In the case of the Sonics I feel a lot more sympathy for the corporation. The NBA isn’t as profitable as pro baseball, and the lease the Supersonics got locked into at the Key Arena is a joke.


a luxury suite which I will never see the inside of, food is free, but alcohol ain’t

The bill to the taxpayer is thus:

All told, the Yankees and the taxpayers can each expect to pay about $450 million, and the Yankees will cover the remaining costs from diverting revenue sharing payments that would have been paid to the other baseball teams.

$450 million? Shouldn’t the recording industry be looking for government subsidies at that price?


this is what accounts for innovation in new york stadium building: escalators

From this verifiable photographic evidence, the new Yankee Stadium looks to be as ugly as the out-of-date behemoth that preceded it. I really don’t know why the two best teams in baseball need to have the two biggest shitholes to play in. It boggles the mind.

The Yankee team, fresh off giving a mint to retain Alex Godriguez as their third baseman, are expecting a down year as young pitching matures and a new drill sergeant manager humbles every one by forcing them to eat their own vomit.

Read a saner assessment by my homeboy Neil deMause. Neil’s writing in the Village Voice on this subject has been terrific, to the point where when the Voice finally goes bankrupt, he may be the only one with marketable skills.



Bill Richardson kinda does look like Judas

History’s ten most terrifying contraceptives.

Top 50 schools by looks

George Clooney interview

My take on the Yellowstone controversy: Fuck Yellowstone.


The Xbox Digg scandal is great

The Afro-American Hills

I dig Bell

Why is prostitution illegal?

Gorilla vs. Bear on a new San Fran duo

Molly‘s adolescence entry gets funnier by the day, but if she disses me in another blog post, I’m going to go medieval on her.

do not diss me on my own site lambert, i will kill your cat Keatons AGAIN

The internet is a gift that keeps on giving.

The distinguished editor of our Poets Off Poetry series has poems in Sawbuck.

Students ignore their retarded school administrators.


“Sky Holds the Sun” – A Band of Bees (mp3)

“Yankee in a Chip Shop” – The Matches (mp3)


“I Could Be Nothing” – Great Lakes Swimmers (mp3)

“Paint the Rust” – The Dodos (mp3)


I don’t like the new Bauhaus album, Pitchfork is more optimistic

I want to get this album

The V Festival in Toronto is lookin’ sweet

Richard Kirk on Liberal Fascism

Goosebumps is back:

If celebs moved to Oklahoma.

Reactions to small penis

God loves a Teddy Bear

Some kid gets beat up a lot, Times has no idea why.

Another dumb article from the Times.

Clothing of the future

Melissa on Amy Bloom, we like her too

from this dude’s badass flickr

Demi Moore’s daughter looks older than her

Hidden ocean underneath Saturn’s moon

David Brock is such a d-bag, this book is ridiculous

The sad death of a comments thread

Alex Carnevale is the editor of This Recording.



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Things that make us madder than poverty.

William Carlos Williams in the quiet times.

We like to relive Scorsese week from time-to-time.

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1. I love that fruit katamari
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