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Contributing Editor Tess Lynch

She prithee watch a pilot she’s in.

Tess’s one-woman show: The Emperor Of Ice Cream

This, that:

Send Lawyers, Guns and Money

Well If You Wanted Honesty That’s All You Had To Say



Baby’s First Crash Diet

The Dream Syndicateds

Send Us Your Nominations For Best of 2007: Web Videos


Frankly, You Scare Me: A Meditation On Mean Comics

Cheer Cheer Hooray Hooray

Tomorrow And Tomorrow And Tomorrow

Laughter In The Dark

Girl Crushes: The Pink Rhombus

Movie Weather, Also Known As Do-I-Need-A-Sweater Weather, Is Upon Us

Suicide Colony, Part Two

Suicide Colony

Chamoy Of Strange

The New Bougehemians

The Internet Has More Secrets To Behold

Consider This An Invitation To Our Angst-er Nation

Haiku About Things To Buy

Sometimes I Find Myself In The Ninth Circle of Hell

Workin For The Church While Tyra Banks Diets (And Part Two)

Barack N’ Roll: Part One

Meg White Doesn’t Care About Your Listening Pleasure Like We Do

ANTM’s Cycle 9 Cannot Possibly Be Talked About Enough

The Saddest WASP-y Pre-Teen In The USA

Live Decadently During The Second Week of School To Soothe The Malaise of Adulthood

The Pick-Up Artiste

A Sad, Short Note For The Young But Unhealthy

The Dirty South

The Man Who Ate Everything, The Man Who Hate Everything

The Future: Still Weird


Grandma’s Favorite Recipe

The Future Can’t Come Quickly Enough

Gentle, Yet Slightly Reproachful

Your Underwear I Swear Is Cuter Than Mine

I’m A Miranda

I did not draw this.

Contributing, editing.

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[...] Senior Contributor Tess Lynch [...]

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I love Tess!

Comment by Gummby

I love you too.

Comment by tesslynch

You just love my skraight gangster slang: ‘You dumb mug, get your mitts off the marbles before I stuff that mud-pipe down your mush – and tell your moll to hand over the mazuma.’

Anyway, I guess my love could be explained a little better. But I was all giddy reading your goods. It’s rare that I find someone that writes as well as you do.

Plus, your avatar pics are just ‘awesome’-insert better word here! Absolutely love them!

Comment by Gummby

sick pics! love the bloggins.

Comment by Randy

[...] Senior Contributor Tess Lynch [...]

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[...] Senior Contributor Tess Lynch [...]

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Hey Tess
Meredith here.. from IMS… long time no talk.. Thought I would try to catch up… Any how cute pics, and love the hat

Comment by Meredith

[...] Senior Contributor Tess Lynch [...]

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[...] Senior Contributor Tess Lynch [...]

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[...] Senior Contributor Tess Lynch [...]

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who the fuck drew that!!!!

Comment by Molly Lambert

john gruen’s friend trent/tront on friendster, and then submitted it to my photos and I was like FUCK YEAH

Comment by tesslynch

[...] Senior Contributor Tess Lynch [...]

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[...] Senior Contributor Tess Lynch [...]

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Wanted to thank you and your cohorts as someone at your blog was kind enough to link our blog, S/he must have seen our blurb in the NY Times yesterday. Anyway, I did some clicking around on “thereading” and read your piece, “Girl Crushes: The Pink Rhombus.” Loved it. The two comments that trail it are exactly right. Since, I’m a sucker for a clever play-on-words, puns, double entendre’s, etc., I liked the title “Tesspies.” A suggestion, perhaps “Tesspieces,” for a collection of your most provocative and erudite musings.

–CSB (aka tomcat of WCC)

Comment by tomcat

Totally using “Tesspieces”

Comment by tesslynch

Awesome! Glad you like it.

Comment by tomcat

[...] Senior Contributor Tess Lynch [...]

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[...] Senior Contributor Tess Lynch [...]

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Do you mind to email the Jerry Lee Lewis/Elvis Presley version of Sweet Little Sixteen. I tried to buy it and can’t find it. I’ve never heard them together, it’s great.


Comment by Ryan Tidd

I’m pretty sure that was the handiwork of Molly or Alex. But now I want that track too.

Comment by Anonymous

[...] Contributing Editor Tess Lynch [...]

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“Contributing Editor Tess Lynch This Recording” was indeed a good posting.
If only there was a lot more websites like this excellent one in the actual internet.
Anyway, many thanks for ur precious time, Teresita

Comment by

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