In Which the Pleasures of the Grey’s Anatomy Soundtrack are Alternately Rejected and Surrendered To

At first we refused to surrender to Grey’s Anatomy. Then we did, and now everybody we know who watches the show is like, “It’s gotten bad,” “It’s jumped the shark,” “Christina and Burke don’t turn me on like they used to.”

Wrong, wrong, mostly wrong.

First of all, it’s not like this show used to be Hamlet, and now it’s The Merry Wives of Windsor.

In hindsight, all anybody had to do to get us to watch this show was tell us, “You know, there’s a soap opera on with a lot of hard sex” and we would be there.

Soap operas are awesome and everyone knows it. Getting involved in fictional characters’ lives is the only true pleasure of reading that television can replicate.

This particular soap opera has the fortune of featuring some very moody music, and they made ‘The Fray’ famous for that song where it’s like, “wheeeeerrrre did I go wrong”? For the record, the place where you were wrong is when you fucked George (T.R. Knight).

Now Meredith, who is an eye-popping 37, is marrying a music producer. If we told you that this didn’t turn us on, we would be lying.

Can a show really be that bad if it turned the world onto Mat Kearney? Little known fact–all these moody songs are about God. Oh, God–you are simply a delight.

Awesome Radiohead cover below. Go here for a sick mix-tape.

Brad Mehldau – Exit Music for a Film

Mat Kearney – All I Need

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