In Which We Speculate About a Political Future That We Usually Delight in Scorning

There’s a reason I don’t talk much about politics anymore. At one time, I was at least into the predictive aspect of political machinations. At this point, if you’re either a Democrat or a Republican I just pity you. Moreover, I can’t really tell the difference between the two.

With that said, there’s a fairly important choice on the horizon. I won’t say it’s crucial for the fate of the country. It’s about as important as what I’m going to eat for lunch today. That’s pretty important though.

Forget about John Edwards–the day I support a trial lawyer for president is the day I officially drop my balls off at the Salvation Army. It’s either going to be Hillary or Obama and that’s just the way it is.

So let’s see–one of our candidates is a backstabbing psychotic malevolent blonde with an insane womanizing “husband” and the other is half-Kenyan. Which direction do you think I’m going to go in?

Bill Clinton has got to be the biggest piece of scum ever to walk God’s green earth. How the Republicans ever turned him putting a cigar into an intern’s vagina into Clinton’s non-campaigning for Gore possibly dooming them in 2000 is beyond me. I’m having flashbacks to people rationalizing that: “It’s his private life!” “They just want to impeach him!” “The cigar probably wasn’t fully lit!”

Meanwhile, I’m starting to really wonder if Karl Rove isn’t masterminding Obama’s campaign so far. First of all, kill the name–Barack Hussein Obama? Why not just throw a Stalin in there?

Secondly, can the national media get off black voters and Obama? Should black people be voting for a black person simply because of him being black? That’s the most racist assumption in the history of racist assumptions made by white reporters, and believe me, the rest of the top ten all happened at The New York Times.

Good to see the Republican hate machine getting started early though.

Lastly, you’re going with the Universal Health Care issue? Just because Hillary can’t criticize you on it, really? You can’t think of anything more important than that, really?

If you like weed, you should have some at your house. That’s what I took from that.

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