In Which We Dispatch A Humpday Mixtape Into Your Nether Regions

Powered by fileden, we got mixtapes. Hopefully you’re using Firefox and its most bonzai extension, DownThemAll!

1. “On a Misty Morning” — Catherine Howe

This woman apparently is a 70’s English folk singer. She is also still alive in this decade. Props. I gotta think Newsom has listened to her. She has a much more mainstream voice. Listen to this track while on drugs if you can.

2. “Pretty Good Year” — Tori Amos

Anybody who might as well be wearing this shirt

should have the cojones to listen to Tori. I avoided her for way too long. This song takes a neat turn near the end. I’d go see a Tori musical.

3. “Clear and True” — Rainer Maria

I never really got Rainer Maria until they broke up, which is a shame, because now I can’t even lord their music over people now. They do a nice job with the pop thing. Other stuff, your mileage may vary.

4. “Don’t Forget the Sun” — The Explorers Club

5. “Mer du Japon” — Air

Air’s one of those bands you put in the background and if you move them to the foreground they can usually hold their own. The vocal is nice here.

6. “Low Sail” — Amy Millan

Amy Millan is the new something, and her KCRW set was stellar. She has a voice. The banjo is a nice touch. Another Canadian female singer. This is like when the Russian were churning out tailors by the dozen. What singer songwriter factory do they have up there? She also does a nice Death Cab cover.

7. “Run Into Flowers” — M83

Kind of a weird opening, then it’s all consciousness change through repetition the way we like it.

8. “Fresh Feeling” — Eels

This guy is friggin’ incredible. After hearing this single I quickly bought the whole thing on iTunes. For your reference the last album I purchased before that was the best of the Gin Blossoms. I am not proud of this fact.

9. “Just Like Heaven” — String Quartet

Lately I have been obsessed with this Cure song and its numerous covers. This one was the best.

Get ready tonight…

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