In Which We Debut A Groundbreaking New Series by Our Guest ‘Lost’ Critic, Dick Cheney

Lost Thoughts: Week 1 of 16

by Richard Cheney 

First off–loved the brainwashing film. Loved it. Karl was in fucking tears.

Second–I was a codebreaker in World War II. I was. Swear to God. No I wasn’t like 12. Eat Cheney. So that’s why Mittelos=Lost Time. Getit. Get it.

The bus incident really hit home for me, for the reason that I recently shot and killed a good friend, and also I think I saw a dharma logo on the bus.

This opens the door to the existence of all these Dharma operatives.  The thing is, the government knows that there are no Dharma operatives, so the tension there is dulled for me.

Kate. I love you. I love you Kate.

You’ll notice my byline is Richard? You think I like everyone thinking Dick=Penis. No. No.

This interview with the producers gave me a hearty wide Dan Murray-esque boner.

Karl says to tell everybody that he thinks Elizabeth Mitchell is a huge fugly.

We shall reserve our decision on that until another day. Throw more troops at the problem. That is what I’ll do.

The vice president of the united states is a regular contributor to this recording.

“Magic” — Ben Kweller

“When Doves Cry” — Prince

“You’ll See” — Madonna

This Mr. Show sketches is one of the most high concept comedy pieces ever done in the sketch medium. It’s original, hilariously performed and written, and is one of the most famous sketches the Odenkirk and Cross pairing ever produced. This is what that show was all about.

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