In Which We Take In Some Glorious Iranian Filmmaking and Get Inspired to Figure Out How to Work Our New Camera

We got out of the house a little bit yesterday.

I was ambulatory by about 5 p.m. I was meeting Will at the MOMA at 6 for a bunch of Abbas Kiarostami films. I decided to hoof it over to 5th avenue and take the bus. Unfortunately, I had forgotten my Metrocard. The nice bus driver told me I couldn’t pay two dollars and so I had to walk the rest of the way. When I arrived, Will could not care less about what I’d been through, and spent most of the film saying some pretty disconcerting things about the Iranian people.

Happily, the films were awesome! They showed a bunch of little informational films for children that Kiarostami made as a young man, including one about how to paint things, that seriously would be the best thing on public television today.

The centerpiece of the collection was the sub-hour long Wedding Suit that was easily the best thing I’ve seen all year. Unfortunately it has the disadvantage of being made in 1976. I should potentially update this thing. Kiarostami loved this one but it’s too short so you don’t know what to do with it. I love short things and after the interminable bore that was Zodiac, this actually got me interested in filmmaking again.

How lucky it was, then, that I recently purchased a new camera for this very purpose. It’s this neat cheap little camcorder and I’m really enjoying it so far. You can check out the video quality here:

Just a terrific animal there Rose.

In other news, the video above is from my trip to see my parents. I’d refer to it as my home, but my room is now a fucking guest room with a bunch of my dad’s clothes on the bed, so homey doesn’t really describe it.

A few things became obvious on my trip home:

1) one of my dogs is so incapable of caring for himself that he needs to be put to sleep;

1a) my mother will never allow this to happen;

2) You can’t go home again;

3) Clearly, I was more enjoyable to be around when I was on medication.

Where did I pick up this last little cheery nugget, you ask? I was having lunch with my mother–lunch that I suggested, mind you–she managed to tell me that it’s “like night and day” since I went off lexapro and how much easier I was to be around. Thanks, Mom.

This was the same woman, who, you’ll recall, nearly killed me when she found out I was going on the stuff! Me, her firstborn!

Who are these people from whose uteruses I originally emerged!

“Window” — Fiona Apple

“Down in the Valley” — The Broken West 

TBW getting some pub

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