In Which It Happened When I Started Singing Hope to Sleep

Tree Branch Blues

by H.L. Hix

It happened when I started . singing hope to sleep
The sycamore wants inside . scrapes siding and screens
afraid of the wind . Thirst wins over wariness
at the waterhole all bow . I have seen rainfall
in brightest sunlight . but not snowfall under stars


Something listening . at the bottom of the stairs
something singing in the woods . just behind the house
something crouched in the bushes . If I were a bird
I would be an owl . able to fly silently
eyes the size of orange moons . if not I would sway
between trees and hypnotize . dew into spirals
I can name what I long for . but never aloud


Which is smaller what was left . when you spit me out
or what I was before you . Of course my vision
of the world is dark . The plum tree blossomed too soon
and the blundering robins . built their nest too low
I was guilty of love once . but never again

Who doesn’t love Hix? I ask you. Other Blues poems from Hix can be found here.

“Oh Mandy” — The Spinto Band

“LLL” — Jesse Sykes and the Sweet Hereafter

“Play Dead” — Bjork

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