In Which You Will Recall Our Past Addresses of Fictional Casts of Television Show and Enjoy Our Cultured and Resonant Take On The Riches

We’re not in Austin this weekend because we rarely like to leave this recording headquarters, unless the reason for doing so is quiche. The Late Greats speculates on those who are. We speculate on the Late Greats: solid fundamentals, length, left hand is a plus tool. You know the drill. We link to give back, but the check is in the mail. Oh, and fuck Duke.

There’s this new show on FX called The Riches that’s of some interest.

Crime has always fascinated me. This show is about a family that goes “straight”, although they kinda go straight by conning a lot of people. I think it’s probably wrong to con people, probably wrong to condone doing so. See the whole point of the Sopranos, which by the way debuted the trailer for their last episodes.

It’s not the most innovative concept, but after the way they left us, with a weird Christmas feeling, the ending of this show is not really getting much attention.

You see the entire point of The Sopranos is that they will get theirs in the end. The thing that makes the most sense to me is having Tony finally get arrested and imprisoned for what he’s done. He could even get off at the end, although you kinda think he’s going to go down in flames. I’d say most everyone else in that family is marked, although Christopher may survive as the inheritor of nothing.

The other main theme that needs wrapping up in old v. new, the mafia versus modernity. I think modernity will win and make Tony obsolete, taking the power from him that the police can’t.

The problem with The Riches is that it takes actions on the same level of morality–theft from independent people, trickery, cheating, preying on the ignorant and weak–and then asks us to reward the characters with our trust. I suppose Middle-America might just be callous enough, but Big Love did the better job copying the Sopranos by having the main characters punished again and again, for the sins they’ve committed and the ones they haven’t.

Minnie Driver is the star of this one, as Eddie Izzard is too often having too much fun. They need to go dark to stick with an audience. This can’t be Desperate Housewives which is obvious what they’re going for. This show is off the HBO talent line, though. Driver’s a talented actress, and she’s going to weep and fuck her way, or at least try, for an Emmy. The older daughter is a potential star and you’ll be seeing plenty of her. The boys are forgettable.

There’s a drug issue involved in the show, and I won’t spoil it, but it makes the whole thing a hundred times more interesting. Usually does.

Sometimes a single’s all you need.

“Just Like a Star” — Corinne Bailey Rae

“Call Me When You Get This” — Corinne Bailey Rae

Here’s a fun mix from Staten Island. A drunken fun mix. We’re very sober here at this recording. We don’t drink, although we do have a wine “cellar” 

“How You Remember” — Azure Ray

“Tell Me ‘Bout It” — Joss Stone 

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