In Which We Are Not The Fighting Type

My dad used to subscribe to Car & Driver. I don’t know why. Was he compensating? Was he trying to be someone he wasn’t?  He doesn’t subscribe any longer.

The best part of Car & Driver and it wasn’t particularly close was their auto show coverage. They literally were blown away by every single car. Thinking of cars made these guys giddy. Cars were serious business. For me, they’re not. They’re fucking stinking things that serve no real purpose as far as I can see. Was I more enthused about cars before I failed my driver’s test twice and got hit by a drunk driver?

Yes. Yes I was.

Concept cars are pretty neat, though. They did a sick Discovery Channel special on car design that was pretty awesome, but I had too much Stargate: Atlantis on my DVR so I had to delete it before I got a chance to show it to others.

This is the Ford interceptor. Way too phallic. They might as well include some pics of melting down the front design and call it the circumcision.

Car & Driver’s hated rivals, Motor Trend, sent a guy to Shanghai to look at some cars, which strikes us as impressive. I mean, this is a tough assignment.

Like many of the Chinese makers at the show, it was hard to find any real information in English on either car, but the A6CC, with its fake rotors, was designed by Bertone and is reportedly powered by a 4.0-liter V-6, while the three-door, four-seat Shooting Sport was designed by Torino Design and a version is reportedly headed for production in 2009.

Fake rotors? That’s enough to give any honest man the willies.

I would potentially slide this one inside my body.

If I had a vagina, I would want it to look roughly like this except with maybe just a few more cupholders.

Concept Car, wikipedia.

Top Green Buildings of 2007 (Good magazine).

“A Little Longing Goes Away” —  The Books

“Yawny and the Apocalypse” — Andrew Bird

Buy this album here.

“Happiness” — Elliott Smith

“Fuck Your Slow Songs” —  The Bear Quartet

Bear Quartet website–they’re huge in Sweden, which is part of Canada, right?

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