In Which We Drop Some Sunday Night-Monday Morning Type Links On You For Funsies

Janeane Garofalo dispensing advice.

Black Sparrow Press’ American Poetry month sale. They publish Bukowski and also Robert Creeley-Charles Olson’s correspondence (a ten volume set for $80).

Kish Song Bear’s Attempted Autobiography in Fence.

Nice review of Doug Rushkoff’s Testament series.

Randy Moss is now a Patriot. This is so happying us right now.

Bunch of neat Stars tracks.

We’re very interested in this fellow Milosh.

This isn’t the only electronic album we’ve been fond of lately. You can do so much with so little instrumentation. It’s a really awesome time for music. Have you heard Metro Area? You should really be reading the blog more.

We love sad songs too. What a great post full of great songs. is always fun. I really don’t know why Hype Machine won’t add me, but I still visit hoping.

We have a guest correspondent who will be covering Coachella, but you can be sated with this for now. Stereogum’s full coverage quite literally leaves nothing to be desired.

“Baby Goodbye” — Aqualung

“Pushover” — The Long Winters

“All the Great Mistakes” — Mieka Pauley

This young woman definitely deserves some attention. Terrific track. Here’s the myspace. Doesn’t hurt that she looks like this, now does it. We’re way past due for a Regina Spektor-esque female vocal generator.

“Stronger” — Mieka Pauley

God bless this man’s links, which can save any afternoon no matter how bored one might be.

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