In Which Sometimes We Wish New Artists Were Not Even Producing Music So We Would Not Be Made To Feel Dumb By Our Musical Superiors


Danish and I had a hard talk about the new White Stripes single, “Icky Thump.”

It’s not always easy arguing about a subject when you know the other person has more weapons than you. I have about three stock phrases (“the melody is gorgeous”, “I like slow songs”, and “it was a compelling address to its critics”), whereas my opponent has a veritable stockpile of weapons. There’s no mutually assured destruction here, just the all too real certainty that my adversary will play the race card at least once during our discussion.

If you haven’t heard it yet, that’s probably because some fucking narc company is trolling blogs telling them to take the track down. There is simply nothing worse and it’s not even close. You release a single to radio but won’t let people distribute it? Just realize the interweb’s not going away already. The fact that they think people who like the first album will like it is bad, because I thought Elephant was their best.

Anyway, we got in a big blowup about it. As I recall, it went a little something like this:

Danish: I’m so west coast and beyond everything.

Me: Okay, that’s out of nowhere, but at least true.

Danish: Send me the new White Stripes single as long as it’s not a radio rip, I hate the radio.

Me: You hate the radio??? Non-sequitor! Anyway, here ya go.

Danish: It came too late, I’d already heard it by then. And I don’t even need it, because the song sucks anyway.

Me: Actually I thought it was a fun integration of the different sounds from their last two albums and found it kinda catchy.

Danish: O-o-o-o-o-ok. I liked rap before it even existed and you’re going to tell me about music? Please.

Me: You’re right, I’d better not. Music and pastries, it’s the two things you’re best at. Hey remember when we had that crazy Spring Weeken–

Danish: Remember when is the lowest form of conversation.

Like I said, he can be so cruel. Wait, I wasn’t saying that–nevermind.

“The Silent Me” — Your Black Star

Your Black Star myspace, check them out.

“Back to Me” — The Positions

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