In Which We Rifle Through All The Links You Could Ever Want on a Sunday Like This

We like this song title–we’ve never had a sister and this is what we’d do if we did.

Visit for all your downloading and mp3 blog-reading needs.

Some great songs in this post, especially the one by Shapes and Sizes. They’re playing in New York on May 11th and 13th, with the latter appearance in BK. The new album drops May 22nd.

The Radio Dept.’s KEXP appearance was large and in charge. I subscribe to that podcast usually, it’s a good one, as is the Mike and the Mad Dog podcast.

“Island’s Gone Bad” — Shapes and Sizes

“Wilderness” — Shapes and Sizes

We straight up broke down the American Idol competition like you know we do.

I did a best of NFL draft related quotes here. It pays the bills and it’s fun.

Some neat Richard Swift tracks well worth downloading. (An Aquarium Drunkard)

Dead Flowers has had a bunch of great tracks, including some Interpol from Coachella.

At least someone is willing to defend the right to arms in a real way. You know, it’s one of those big rights for a reason.

That is indeed a very offensive tee-shirt.

Michael Showalter’s Anatomy of a Face.

Max Silvestri’s new blog is up and running, and it’s already pretty funny. Check it out here. (Max Silvestri Wants This Inside You)

Ray LaMontague’s new single comes out soon. Duke already had this shit covered. (The Late Greats)

Mp3 roundup over at Idolator. It’s always sad when they shut down for a weekend. I volunteer to blog weekends. There.

This girl’s photos are cool. I always enjoy better drama through photography.

Molly passed on that pic of a snake eating…something awhile back. Since then it’s been a veritable YouTube festival of what is entertaining to watch huge snakes eat. Thanks, YouTube! We came up with a few favorites:

That’s just crazy. This one is a little more nature-filmy, but I like the idea of this python just snacking on this thing’s face.

And then a clip like this reminds what watching snakes kill things is really about.

I understand that some people find this disturbing, but I saw someone eat a cow today, so it doesn’t bother me that much that a snake eats, too. The best part about snake kills is that they’ll mess around, even act friendly towards their prey. That’s probably where they got their backstabbing reputation.

“I Don’t Wanna Die Anymore” — New Radicals

“Jolene” — Ray LaMontague

“The Operation” — Charlotte Gainsbourg

(her myspace)

3 thoughts on “In Which We Rifle Through All The Links You Could Ever Want on a Sunday Like This

  1. 1. that naked chick is gross and cheesy. it looks like the pictures on erotic photo hunt.
    2. it ate a sheep!!!

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