In Which Time Changes A Thug Changes and Best Friends Become Strangers Wordlife Oh And Marshall Gets Mad Hot Tips Which He Didn’t Even Need

So it happened, Marshall and Lily tied the knot and this show officially has no idea where it’s going. You can pretty much imagine what kind of conversation is going on in the writer’s room of How I Met Your Mother:

Writer #1: Can I tell you something? If I have to see one more picture of Neil Patrick Fuckface, I’m going to suit up that bastard in a bodybag.

Writer #2: Let’s have Ted throw him out a window.

Writer #1: Dude, I haven’t caught up on the new season of Lost, and by the look of your face, that’s a spoiler. Shame on you.

Writer #3: The producer just called. Cobie Smulders was caught with a kilo of coke in Maui.

Writer #1: Oh well.

Writer #2: She can’t blow you from prison.

Writer #1: Don’t you think I know that? Don’t you think that’s the only thing that’s been running through my mind since you just told me?

Writer #3: What if Robin became a lesbian?

Writer #2: That would explain her absence from the show.

Writer #3: Ah fuck it. I’m just going to read Barney’s blog, drop some PCP, and walk over to Chili’s for a hamburglar.

Writer #1: Let’s finish this. We already had one character “go to San Francisco.” Let’s have Ted cheat on her.

Writer #2: With who?

All three simultaneously: Katie Holmes.

If I was writing the show, which I grant you I am not, I would immediately break Ted and Robin up. It’s going to happen at some point. You can let Robin chase Ted before he decides to end things. That will probably be the end of this season. Then Barney’s eventual LTR storyline can take center stage and damn won’t that be fun.

“Lullaby” — Loudon Wainwright III

“Happy Warriors” — Jill Cunniff

I also highly recommend her track, “Warm Sound.” You can listen to that and other tracks here.

Jill’s myspace

“Butterfly Caught” — Massive Attack

Massive Attack wiki.

“Peer Pressure” — Jon Brion

A fun little tidbit from the Eternal Sunshine soundtrack.

“Walking After You (live)” — Foo Fighters

The best ballad Dave Grohl ever wrote, off the best and most underappreciated album this band ever did, The Colour and the Shape. I can still listen to it and get goosebumps, every track is genius.

“I Will Wander” — The Features

their official site and myspace.

You gotta love a band that does a bong off

“Be Still” — Leopold and His Fiction

Leopold and His Fiction website & myspace


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