In Which We Unfurl An Overly Didactic EP Mixtape To Describe Our Feelings Exactly as We Drop All The Wednesday Linkage You Will Ever Need

Survivor was interesting this season as an African American alliance systematically destroyed the whites. I’m thinking they should put Earl in charge of the NAACP. Poor Yao Man, who lost a car and the $1 million prize he thought was his.

This guy’s blog is so understated, it’s refreshing. I mean, who needs a pair of tats in their face every second, know what I’m saying?

Thanks to the indispensable Drunken Stepfather. We all need one.

The fact that there is a website devoted to unusual animal friendships is equal parts disturbing and soooo cute. We will never support this kind of union, though, that’s where we draw the line.

Cameron, Cameron, Cameron, what are you doing, what are you doing, what are you doing?

A bunch more links at i guess i’m floating, including play-by-play on Lily Allen’s rack.

A blog in translation, with great tracks from Paleo.

My Fucking Sound is a tremendous blog and we just don’t say that enough. Go there. Come on, he’s like Philip J. Fry.

Phenomenal shoegaze post by Milk Milk Lemonade. Shout out! (Milk-Milk-Lemonade)

New Spoon! (Blogs are for Dogs)

ABC’s new slate of shows looks jaw-droppingly retarded. At this point, I’m wondering if I should just forget about all other television and focus on HBO, as they are set to slowly roll out the greatest programming of all time. We can take solace in the fact that The Office is going to do a bunch of one hour episodes, and Scrubs will live to see another day. On the other hand, did Heroes really need a spin-off already?

Heeb Magazine’s new website. No gentiles allowed.

We’re going back to the Moon, sez Good magazine.

Just visit Just do it. It’s fun.

I missed these April March tracks. Her music was awesome in Grindhouse. (Between Thought and Expression)

Now is the time for us to gather together and celebrate those things that we like and think are fun. (Recidivism)

I recently ordered the entire backlog of issues of Art Bureau, an incredible magazine:

You should buy them up while you can–they’re priceless.

Max didn’t take Chrissie’s death well. Molly wrapped it all up here. I’ll refrain from comment except for this–Chrissie’s death was not what I expected, but it certainly was fitting. I thought it was an incredible ep and I agree with my dad’s stroke of genius on The Sopranos–everyone will die, A.J. will go to prison, and the spin-off movie sequel is when he gets out and takes revenge, Cleaver-style. (Max Wants This Inside You)

Fleshbot’s sex blog roundup is a weekly must-read for me.

Art terrorist!

The 100 Top Theorems of All Time. We personally are very into the Infinitude of Primes. It’s so fucking underrated.

Here are some boss looking churches. I’m sure God was very pleased.

Polish movie posters are fun.

Speaking of which, Black Sparrow Press is still running their amazing sale. I got all my books yesterday and am planning a full breakdown.

Here’s a tremendous picture of Philadelphia Phillie Antonio Alfonseca.

This guy does some awesome subway sketches. Example:

“Before We’re Dead (New Orleans Song)” — Ferraby Lionheart

“Looks (live)” — Mike Doughty

Mike Doughty website and blog.

“Roll the Credits” — Peter Bjorn and John

Mars Needs Guitars originally dropped this track on me, and it’s grown like a fungus.

“Romulus”– Sufjan Stevens

He’s not the only act of interest on his label.

“I Haven’t Got Time for the Pain” — Carly Simon

I wonder how she’s looking these days. Not like this:

“These Days” — Joy Division

“Alice (instrumental)” — Montag

Montag site


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