In Which We Disrepect Your Personal Space With More Weekend Linkage Than You Will Most Probably Know What To Do With

Our first issue of Yeti came today, and saying we were pleased would be an understatement. Here’s their myspace.

I have been going around buying up all the above average chapbooks and conceptually interesting magazines packed with mixtapes. Yeti is so awesome and fun and the music doesn’t hurt. Here’s an exclusive track from issue number four.

“Lines” — Okkervil River

Blogging in France with a dope mp3. If you translate the page, you’re only encouraging them.

Max returned to VH1 with a recap of the week in season finales. Careful for spoilers–I had no idea Patrick Dempsey’s penis was that large, for example.

Since I don’t have a roommate anymore, no one is leaving me passive-aggressive notes, but I’m sure my dishwasher would be all like, “You are an asshole” would it could speak. That’s not passive-aggressive though I guess. (Passive Aggressive Notes)

Songs to the Sirens may be in French, but it has some great tracks available for your perusal.

These pictures of Amy Winehouse have scarred me forever. Some people just shouldn’t have paparazzi follow them around. These aren’t safe for work. (Drunken Stepfather)

Idolator’s mp3 round-up.

If have ever have to watch either De Niro or Pacino again, I’m going to freak, but both of them? This is bound to be as outright dumb as The Departed, which I finally watched recently. Stupid crime movies have to end. Please. Michael Mann, I blame you.

We’ve been updating the blogroll a lot lately, and here are some of our new favorites:

My Crazy Roommate

Speed of Dark

The Lovely Arc (thanks for the chapbooks, Zach!)

The World Forgot (congrats on one year)

Lost Magazine (unrelated to actual Lost)

Tom Petty has a great back catalogue, including his classic song from the She’s the One soundtrack, Walls.

Check out the new Smashing Pumpkins track here.

Nothing more needs to be said about The Postal Service. Pray that they keep going with this valuable project to humanity.

“You Know It’s True” — Red

They’ve been doing this J. Spacemen tribute project for awhile–I think this is one of theirs, a cover off of Lazer Guided Melodies.

This is reason alone for Maury Povich’s show to exist and thrive. One summer when I was 13 I didn’t need to have a job or anything so I focused on daytime TV, and may I say, god bless those people and the horny preteens they bring on television to draw ratings.

I really want one of these wallets.

“If You Leave” — Nada Surf

“The Pieces Don’t Fit Anymore” — James Morrison

“Collapse” — Sparta

Sparta website

“Smack That” — Akon feat. Eminem

“First Place” — Chris Garneau

“In the Morning” — Junior Boys feat. Andi Tomi

Claire from Lost. That’s right

Quickie Lost review–How can you not be freaking out waiting for the 2 hour finale? If they actually leave Locke for dead, that would be the capper on an amazing end to the season. Just perfect performances, awesome developments, and from what I hear (careful, spoilers), they’re going to blow people’s frickin’ brains off with the finale.

On Friday they aired a Mysteries of Lost recap show, and what was notable about it was that they totally broke the fourth wall and had the producers just talking about the show. At first I was like, “I realize there is no way to suspend disbelief with this show, but dragging out the producers?” But actually, it’s kind of cool. I like hearing the producers talk about the show. It’s not ruining it for the hardcores, and maybe it gets more people who don’t know about the show into it.

Thanks as always to, hype machine.

I feel like I’m accepting an Academy Award. And so, perhaps I am.

5 thoughts on “In Which We Disrepect Your Personal Space With More Weekend Linkage Than You Will Most Probably Know What To Do With

  1. ugh no more lost shit please! it’s a fucking tv show, get over it! also it has become more and more retarded.

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