In Which We Dispense Your Monday Afternoon Dose of Safe Links For Work So That You Can Put Those TPS Reports Away And Cozy Up To The Computer Real Close

You have some cream on the corner of your face. — guy who Tony Soprano beat up.

You might as well download some more Spoon.

Legit sleeper candidate for 2007 announces.  It’ll be interesting to watch whoever the Republican candidate is cozy up to Hispanics.

Dumb whales.

We made you a million dollars. Here’s another hot tip–if you’re blogging on WordPress, Lorelle has some helpful tips.

The best Craigslist posts address pets, we find.

Can You See The Sunshine highlights some Seymour Saves the World tracks. We’re such suckers for power-pop, and this blog had great design and great tracks. (Can You See The Sunshine From The Southside?)

I once saw Zach Galofinakis-whatever-his-name-is booking his travel in a bar. He seemed crazy then and now. Ever heard of showbiz names? How about Zach Stud?

Zach Schomburg wrote a mixed review in The Burning Chair, but what the hell, we loved Chris Tonelli’s book of poems, Wide Tree. You should probably buy it — it’s only $5 — and you can see more of his work at his website, The Steinach Operation.

Great Ted Leo and Albert Hammond Jr. tracks over at Culture Bully. Plus The Tripwire has an exciting announcement for Portishead fans. I could have sworn they broke up in 1992. Oh well.

The new Emily Haines track isn’t all that, but we’re going to host it here. Thanks to The Sky Was Candy for posting that mother.

“Rowboat” — Emily Haines and the Soft Skeleton 

New Lauryn Hill?

God how I hate the RIAA.

The World Forgot continues to up the ante.

A very emotional post about Califone. (Muzzle of Bees)

We’re learning so much about shades of grey. Or is it gray? (Good Magazine)

The guy from Stars’ other band. (It’s Not The Band I Hate It’s Their Fans)

A fearsome guest contributor of ours just needs a push to get back on the blogging horse, but he’s not there yet. His archive remains invaluable when I want to sound like I know something about music.

A reliable source told us the new They Might Be Giants sucked, but B-Vegan had their concert recap, plus a TV on the Radio track we never heard.

In case you missed it, we recapped the brilliance of Miya Dunets here. You should really check out her music. Really. It’s amazing. Scroll down. Really.

Our newfound love of snakes eating things. Mmmmmm.

Hate Something Beautiful with gorgeous pics from a Patrick Wolf show.

Bye bye Studio 60, it wasn’t real at all.

You can now donate to this recording through the Paypal button at right. If one of you wanted to donate say, $300,000, I could probably stop looking for a job for the next…oh…few months?

It’s not too early to start thinking about the Poetry Society of America’s chapbooks contests, now is it?

Do I know what the title of this new blog on the horizon means? No. Do I expect some interesting writing about food to spring out of it? Yes. Sadly, we are blackballing a guest contributor who moved over to that blog. We can’t have crossover. Only exclusives.

Some images for ya. Only the best, who do you think we are?

The Carl Pavano blog rolls on. Injury update from Pavano comes sometime this week. Me with all the baseball quotes. Nice job, other version of myself!

I think I’m Hellenic.

We went crazy with the weekend linkage.

We conceded that Germany had at least one excellent poet, and recapped our graduation.

“Fuses” — Stereolab

“Is It Any Wonder?” — Keane 

“Ageless Beauty (Most Serene Mix)” — Stars

“The Lottery” — Emily Haines and the Soft Skeleton

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