In Which The Chance To Become Part Of Something Far Larger Presents Itself And It Is Time To Step Up To The Plate

The Interstitial Library’s Circulating Collection is located at no fixed site. Its vast holdings are dispersed throughout private collections, used bookstores, other libraries, thrift stores, garbage dumps, attics, garages, hollow trees, sunken ships, the bottom desk-drawers of writers, the imaginations of non-writers, the pages of other books, the possible future, and the inaccessible past. In a sense, this library has always existed. However, until now it has had no librarians, no catalog, and no name.


On Friday I went out to Proteus Gowanus in Brooklyn for a presentation on the Interstitial Library by its co-founder, the writer Shelley Jackson.

The Interstitial Library currently has as part of its collection a number of fascinating books, including this crazy autobiography by Joan Crawford in which someone who knew or pretends to know her writes the real truth in the marginalia. You can buy Shelley’s latest book here, and it is highly recommended. I love the cover so much.

Notes in books are always fun. I try to write in every book I give to someone. It’s also a nice place to tell someone what’s what. I just found this old copy of Hopscotch I wrote the following in, in the last bit quoting a favorite line of mine from William Carlos Williams:

This is a great book, one of the greatest books. Thanks for everything. Sometimes it’s wrong for friends to be too close for too long.

Wow, I certainly can be spiteful in these things.

Here’s what I wrote in a copy of All My Friends Are Going to Be Strangers that I was going to give to someone but never did.

Hopefully this book will teach you how to be a man, because it’s not going that great so far.

How apropos.

George’s eyelift. For shame.

These drawings amuse me greatly.

Denying someone internet is about as low as you can go.

Review of new Lydia Davis book we are excited about.

Center fielder Elijah Dukes texted his wife a picture of a gun. I’m just amazed he knew how to do that.

I guess this is funny. I don’t even know what’s funny anymore.

“Xibalba” — Craig Mansell

“Together We Will Live Forever” — Craig Mansell

“Tree of Life” — Craig Mansell

“Holy Dread” — Craig Mansell

“Stay With Me” — Craig Mansell

“Pale September” — Fiona Apple

6 thoughts on “In Which The Chance To Become Part Of Something Far Larger Presents Itself And It Is Time To Step Up To The Plate

  1. I hope your not referring to me in this ghastly post. That would be rather distressing. Dan Murray (P.S. How does one “hit up graduation”?)

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