In Which We Put Together Requisite Total Thrill Ride Package of Links for a Weekend


“Touch” — Bright Eyes

We’re not new to this whole links thing you know.

Passive aggressive empire.

The results of this study are uncanny, I am totally going to try this out when I visit my grandparents’ retirement community.

DYI’s best here.

For some people milkbands are a huge turn-on, for others, not so much.

You know who was so funny–Chandler on Friends. No? OK.

Holy crap this is f’d. (I Don’t Like You In That Way)

Josh Brau looks at some tasty burgers over at his new food blog, Epicuriocity. Lots of good stuff up already so hop over there.

Some tracks for fun up in this place and over here and yonder. This is a dope collaboration.

To the shock and surprise of us all, Nicole Richie still has nipples. (Drunken Stepfather)

This young individual’s blog entertains us recently. (Red Admirable)

Neat art site we came across somewhere between the Nicole Richie thing and shul. I know my last name’s not Jewish, get over it. I once set a record for accusing people of anti-Semitism, and if that’s not Jewish, I don’t know what is.


<libertarian> The fact that the drinking age is 21 in this country is a huge fucking embarassment when you look at how much that encourages underage drinking and driving and makes alcohol use cool. Good for this guy that he’s saying something about it. </libertarian>

Speaking of Reason, they’re a great magazine and one of the only ones in the least bit political that actually has a chance of getting read by me. The New Republic, at least this iteration, has got to be the most boring least consistent magazine on the planet, National Review has been a hell of a lot less fun since, I dunno, Reagan? The New Yorker, The Atlantic, and Harper’s are all unbearable, poorly written, and in many cases anti-artistic although I’ll admit even a stopped clock is right twice a day. The Weekly Standard is actually not that bad, perhaps because they had no principles to begin with, and Commentary is in a bad slump right now. I stopped subscribing to Mother Jones because they were idiots but I read a good issue lately, The Nation has been the worst and stupidest magazine on the planet roughly forever (sorry, but it’s factually true), The New York Review of Books can have the greatest article ever and the most boring one but it’s still probably the best magazine there is, The New Criterion is always a good read but it’s tough to be serious and be conservative these days, those folks try their damndest, the mainstream newsweeklies are more boring than Instapundit and that’s tough, Andrew Sullivan I can no longer bear which is sad because he can actually write, Vanity Fair hasn’t published a serious article since all that Graydon Carter bullshit with Hitchens, I read an issue of Glamour that was pretty good the other day but I can’t say I’m a regular reader now can I, and trying to find a good sports magazine? Good luck, I’ll take Deadspin. In short (or I guess long) the magazine business is running ‘scared from the internet and I’m honestly more wrapped up in a lot of blogs that cost nothing. If magazines were good, maybe they’d have a chance. At least they’re not newspapers. Don’t even get me started on newspapers.

Quick anecdote: I have been home in Connecticut about which I am sure you will hear more soon, I’m going back to NY in the morning. Conversation that occurred between me and my 21 yr old brother.

Me: When you can finally grow facial hair, what will you grow?

Dan: I tried to grow a jawbeard, but my facial hair is part brown and part orange.

Me: What do you mean…like a ginger?

Dan: No, orange, like orange juice.

Me: Like orange juice. Thanks, that’s helpful.

Dan: I can’t grow a goatee.

Me: That’s very sad.

Dan: I know.

Me: Perhaps you can figure out why your beard looks like orange juice on the internet. Get on that.

With this kind of gene pool, only one thing is certain–if I don’t reproduce, it’s no guarantee that my only sibling will. Also: what if my only brother was…A GINGER?!?!? Put an end to this ugly plague of GKs.


We can’t understand you sir, we can only marvel at your taste in music. 

If you live in New York City, Housing Works, the awesome bookstore that has something to do with charity (we are guessing AIDS), is having a thirty percent off sale this weekend. Christ this was not the month to buy a Wii. Then on June 10 they are having this Lebron-esque event:

Sunday, June 10
8th Annual Lit Mag Fair
12-5:00 PM
Its time again for the Lit Mag Fair! Choose from hundreds of magazines from all over the country on sale for only $2 each, and hobnob with the editors who’ll be there to meet and greet. Take home armfuls of discounted merchandise and tell your groaning bookshelves that all proceeds go to Housing Works, Inc. and to The Council of Literary Magazines and Presses.

If you were wondering, nothing says lit mag like mispunctuating “it’s” as “its.”

Independent publishers are kicking the ass of the mainstream right now. I’m going to write about them more often, but take for example Book Thug, an independent press from…wait for it…Canada. Jay MillAr has great taste (not a typo, that’s how he keeps his name real real). The best chapbook I got was by this Canadian poet Kemeny Babineau. It’s just good to know there’s geniuses out there. Everyone else is a moron but there are the geniuses. Purchase his incredible book here. It’s damn near close to the best thing I’ve read this year–I’m not spoiling my half-year countdown, I need the content for another post. I honestly cannot believe this chapbook series doesn’t have a million subscribers. It’s that good, and it’s going to be hard to top over at our sister site.

“Unintended” — Muse

“Daddy’s Little Pumpkin” — Josh Ritter



Becca gave a ringing endorsement to Knocked Up. We shall see.

We felt empathy for everyone…well, almost everyone. Bitches ain’t shit but hos and tricks.

Our art critic did it up hit ’em up style. Wasn’t that a great song? In so many ways, I wish it was still the 90s.

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  1. Lots of (white) people get red in their beards. It’s because you’re ALL GINGER ON THE INSIDE.

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