In Which We Review The Motion Picture Knocked Up

It’s Not That I Don’t Understand You, It’s Not That I Don’t Want To Be With You But You Only Wanted Me The Way You Wanted Me

Knocked Up
129 minutes, Universal Studios

“The Reason Why” — Rachael Yamagata

Any movie that drops Anne Hathaway is by definition great. My guess is she’s kicking herself right now. Ms. Heigl is the perfect fill-in. She is truly the most appealing female actress in an industry full of weird looking brutes with Scientologist boyfriends. Hopefully she will inspire a universe of super-hot real women. Early reports aren’t good: our sources tell us that she dropped thirty pounds after the movie.

Knocked Up is another fun gross-out comedy that is going to have widespread appeal and massive box office. The sex scenes alone rival Team America for their outright hilarity.

So much dirtier than what was shown in theaters.

I also find this clip endlessly entertaining.

The important thing with this one was not to fuck it up, and although casting every single actor that has ever been in anything Paul Feig or Judd Apatow have done is a little much, plus like half of The Office was in this plus the funny girl from SNL, my head was spinning. You do not put Bill under a beard and give him a girlfriend named Jodie. You just don’t do it.

Whatever I say next, this is probably one of the best movies of the year, and it’s making a fucking fortune.

Kristen Wiig’s now classic SNL sketch:

You can find the more recent Penelope sketch here.

Knocked Up is begging for backlash–at least they avoided the abortion discussion, which was for the best (shusmorshion!). It’s a weird take on so many things: drug culture, females in the workplace, parental inheritance, marriage, kids. To end it with a baby book just seems inappropriate on many levels.

Paul Rudd ends up the big star out of this as the indiscriminate male. He actually had a whole movie with Leslie Mann in this one, and if you like Leslie Mann, this was the movie for you. I personally think she’s a little wrinkled and hearing her harp about age falls on deaf ears. I’m not sure I think that’s funny.

The part where they make a trip to another city on a particular drug is going to become world-famous. Hopefully this opens up that particular drug to some more notoriety. I mean, I’m looking forward to the day when shrooms become part of Tom Cruise’s Mission: Impossible plan.

It’s a weird scene with Seth Rogen and Paul Rudd on many levels. You never see drugs used as a way of overcoming an obstacle. And indeed this film probably does it share of glamorizing drug use even as it condemns a bunch of stoner idiots, when lettting them have a lot more fun than married people. In some ways this movie was a little depressing, kind of like an Andrew Bujalski movie in color.

“Working Man” — Anger

Under closer scrutiny, the growth that both Rogen and Heigl’s characters go through is absurd. Forget about the unbelievability of the idea that she’d fuck him again right away after he impregnated her. Forget about the needless twenty minutes wasted on gynecology jokes. Heigl’s Alison Scott is living with her sister and his wife, and nine short months later everything’s different?

The movie’s riotiously funny and that’s pretty much all it has to accomplish. It’s something short of a real classic, but I’ll take 100 of these versus 10 masterpieces. Masterpieces are overrated anyway, all you do is regret them after awhile for making you think they’ll never be anything better. That’s why we walk in the theater, we’re just hoping for mediocre–we don’t want to get depressed.

Paul Rudd Biography

More pics of cats to sate your need for that kind of thing.

I dug this Tribune article about a Skokie doctor in Haiti:

“My belief is that health care is a fundamental human right,” he said, “and when people don’t have access to health care it’s an egregious abuse of human rights.”Walton’s care is free, but his impoverished patients try to pay him back any way they can.

Marie Marthe Dine, a 32-year-old infected with HIV, sent a relative 20 feet up a tree to knock down a few coconuts after Walton paid a house call at her mountainside hut. Two men hacked open the coconuts with machetes so Walton could quench his thirst on the liquid inside.

“He’s bon bagay,” said Celeste Gislene, a 52-year-old Lascahobas resident, using the Creole phrase for “good guy.” “The people love him here.”

“Simplify” — New Ghosts

3 thoughts on “In Which We Review The Motion Picture Knocked Up

  1. from EW:

    Meanwhile, Rogen had met with dozens of women, none of whom knew who he was — or found him particularly funny. ”They all thought he was some guy we paid to read,” says Apatow. ”Katherine was the only actress who laughed at Seth during the audition.” ”It was perfect,” remembers Rogen. ”She has a very strong personality, so I could really give it to her and it didn’t seem mean. I just kind of looked like an idiot, if anything, because she just seemed so much smarter and stronger and in control than me. And she’s big. She’s tall and statuesque, so it looks like she could knock the shit out of me.”

  2. Actually Katie dropped the weight to do the movie. She has said in several interviews she is working to put it back on.

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