In Which We Dump Those Monday Morning Links on You And We’re All Like Snap About Julia Roberts Snap About Cameron Diaz You See We’ve Never Cared Who We Offended


This is the last picture of Katherine Heigl we’ll ever post, unless she accidentally does a nude scene with Bruce Willis. Then we’ll probably provide full coverage with a correspondent on the scene.

“In Our Talons” — Bowerbirds

“Dark Horse” — Bowerbirds

Check out their website here. Also more here. According to a reputable source (thanks Ryan)…

They are an earth/nature-bound duo (Phil Moore and Beth Tacular) who create gorgeous music (with the help of a 3rd friend, Mark Paulson) using bird-like 3-part harmonies, organic percussives, and unconventional chords/song structures which(to me) are somewhat reminiscent of Ticonderoga, the former band of Phil and Mark.

Oh, how I long to be called an earth/nature-bound duo.

I mean the guy from The Mountain Goats likes them, how bad can they be?

In any Hitchens versus Hitchens argument, it must be said, and not lightly–Peter Hitchens is a douchebag. While his brother may resemble one, there is a difference. I keep waiting for someone to send me a copy of his new book with a note that says, “We thought you deserved this for defending him so much,” but I guess that’s not going to happen. Reality bites. There’s always this invaluable resource if you don’t know as much about Hitchens as you should. I officially retire the phrase “invaluable resource” from this recording. Thank you for your time.

Great Apple Orchard track, person speaking language I cannot understand. In any language this dude-brah knows hiz muzak. (Coast is Clear)

The fifty pictures you just gotta see on Flickr.

A new hot-dog eating world record. (Deadspin)

Canadian hatred of Southern California is what the Stanley Cup finals are all about.

Match by match on the WWE PPV from last night.

Handclaps?!? Upbeat songs??! We are so there.

Locus is an incredible art magazine. The first two issues arrived in the mail last week, and immediately we were blown away. Their website’s fun too.

Jesus wouldn’t steal Pop Tarts. This site’s sister site is boatloads of healthy good-for-you fun, too.

We recently discovered Google Trends, and now we share it with you. Suggested search: “Jameson whiskey Lindsey Lohan.” Don’t say we didn’t warn you. (Note: we are being ironic. We would never search for this, we’re too classy.)

Pam Andersen in a one piece. Don’t even ask us why we are linking to this.

We know we ragged on Vanity Fair, but this article on bluefin tuna really hit the spot. I’d like to eat some bluefin tuna right now with a side of mozarella sticks. Shout out to bluefin tuna!

Keira Knightly and Sienna Miller are evil twins, probably. (Dlisted)

It’s been a long day, our co-editor just called up and said, “I can’t do anything until I get an intern.” Oh lord.

Salient quotes from Democratic candidates. If you’re left with respect for any one of them, let me know.

Most everyone has seen this managerial blow-up from the Mississippi Braves, but if you didn’t, you can go straight to hell mister!!!


Instead of key bumps, knife bumps.


The review of Knocked Up you asked for…then another one…then another one.

We pimped Diane Williams for shizzler.

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