In Which Sunday Links Fill Your Heart With Gladness Take Away All Your Sadness Ease Your Troubles That’s What They Do

New indie tunes from Mars Needs Guitars.

Autolux played a really sweet concert at the Natural History Museum. (Amateur Chemist)

Fun interview with El-P.

For the person too embarrassed to admit they like Pete Yorn.

I had no idea you could still escape from prison. That’s kind of a relief, actually.

Bill Gates and Bill Russell get honorary degrees from Harvard.

“Grand Marquee” — Dick Prall

Dick Prall’s website.

“Hummingbird” — Kris Delmhorst

Kris Delmhorst website. Amazing voice.

“Arolla Cubano” — Bebel Gilberto

“Connect the Dots” — The Purrs

Possibly the top website in history for hotties, HottieWatch went down to the blog Dementors some time ago, but this new site has sprung up in the meantime. In no way is this safe for work if if yr girlfriend’s lookin’. (Hottie Beacon)

Ocean’s 13, perhaps predictably, is tanking the box office hard.

I’m still in shock that Richard Matheson’s I Am Legend ever made it to the screen. It actually looks good, despite the fact that they left the original setting and personality of the book behind. This role was always meant for Ahnold, but Will Smith should be fine given the big budget. It’s not going to be the book, but the book had a specific feel to it anyway that was going to be hard to replicate. All things considered I want to see this one.

The grime album you have to have, from the peeps over at Snow Day Music.

“Finger in the Moon” — Ben Lee

This Chris Cornell cover of Billie Jean really hit the spot.

We await the Top 100 from Certified Banger.

For all your Paul Rudd needs:

We prefer bands whose names begin with the article The. The Long Winters. Etc. So this post was especially pleasing, before Motel De Moka heads off to Europe. That reminds me of a conversation I had with my mother.

Me: You should really go to Paris. It’s an amazing city.

Mom: Why do people always say that? 

Me: It’s Paris, it’s the greatest city in the world.

Mom: Ouch, I hope Kuala Lumpur didn’t hear you say that.

The only time my parents have ever left the country was our brief Canadian vacation, and since that is the ostensible subject of my post in the childhood series, I will say no more at this time.

OK, obviously I lied about the whole thing where I was like, “I’m not posting any more pictures of Katherine Heigl because it sends women the wrong message.” I had to post this one. I had to. If it makes me a bad person, I’ll suit up for hell. First of all, the quote is so f’d up. Second of all, she’s going to be a skeleton within the matter of a week. How the hell are they going to explain this on Grey’s? Lastly, does not one else find it a coincidence that Anna Nicole Smith “died” and Katherine rose that much more quickly into the public eye? Is it possible that some percentage of Anna survived and reconsituted itself as Heigl? I am open to theories.

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