In Which We Review The Latest HBO Programming In Hopes Of Finding Something Good to Watch During This Godforsaken Summer


Someone in the HBO promo department needs to get fired.

The trailers for two of their new shows, John From Cincinnati, and Flight of the Conchords, made me think, “Don’t bother.”

Actually, these shows are already more entertaining than much of their original content over the last few years. I seriously don’t want to hear from Six Feet Under apologists. That show redefined fucking boring for a new generation. I never really got Deadwood; I’m sure it’s a great show, but I’ve always hated the Old West. I don’t even get what is fun about it. Unprotected sex? Seriously, clue me in.

Anyway, we begin with Flight of the Conchords. Aside from wasting Eugene Mirman and bearing a close resemblance to the plot and characters of Extras, this show is hilarious. The way the Outback Steakhouse guy says kebab really gets me. The only problem that I can see is that it is so clearly about life in a certain time period in New York, which is where I live. It sticks the skewer in the BK hipster and perhaps that is only funny to me. There’s this great song they sang in the last episode with a lyric that reads, “You’re so beautiful/You could be a waitress.” I laughed pretty hard about that one. Fortunately this is an old song of theirs:

Anyway, this show is much funnier than Tenacious D, so good on them.

John From Cincinnati is more interesting because this show is already the hard genius. Either I am so easily amused these days that everything interests me, or this show is good. I think one prerequisite for liking this show is that you have to not know anything about surfing. I really don’t know anything about surfing, nor did I think I wanted to know. But if you don’t know anything, I’m sure Luke Perry as a surfing talent scout doesn’t make you wince.

They committed a major sin by involving the gay dude from Sex in the City and PTA favorite Luis Guzman because they are just going to be wasted in minor roles. (Speaking of PTA, this looks fucking awesome.) But the main cast is already absolutely amazing. It’s like they had this great setting and group of people, I really don’t get why they need an alien, and then you kinda realize at the end of episode 2. You get the feeling studio execs were all over this show–“Make more happen!” “That chick next to Luke Perry should be hotter!” “Swearing is OK!” There’s way too much swearing, and I love swearing.

Despite these problems, the show has major potential. I already care about what happens, and it’s only episode 2. I used my patented show liking strategy for this show. I watched the second episode first. Everything’s better when it’s backwards. Can you think of something for which this is not true? 




ellen degeneres

the sopranos


Everything I like is better in reverse. Although if I had to read a review this dumb, I probably wouldn’t watch the show either.

“Mostly Waving (TodorK Remix)” — Emily Haines and the Soft Skeleton

One thought on “In Which We Review The Latest HBO Programming In Hopes Of Finding Something Good to Watch During This Godforsaken Summer

  1. So much right about this post, I never got Deadwood either. I realize now that John’s no alien, he’s an angel and is here to bring about the Rapture. The Josts are the final descendants of Jesus, hence the youngest Jost’s ability to bring the Parrot back to life, the eldest Jost’s ability to levitate, and the middle Jost’s ability to be likable despite being a junkie.

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