In Which Monday Links Show You The Hard Way of Belonging

above by Inka Essenhigh

Personal ads are a bit of a crapshoot. Sometimes, though, the person really shines through and you know immediately who you’re dealing with.

For the discerning Echo Park lady, there’s always this.

A liberal bitch is a good fuck though. strawberry is a hoe!!!

Reply to:
Date: 2007-06-23, 2:48PM PDT

I need me a liberal bitch, one that understands my plight and wants to help me out, maybe give me some money for once! I need a guilty little hoe from the suburbs. A hoe that is ashamed of her rich daddy. who will buy me some beerI vision myself rolling around with my liberal bitch in a vegetable powercadillac, to the coffee shops well be fighting for rights and shit.

Rescue me baby make me your case! Screwing LA bitches is like throwing a hotdog down a hallway and Im tired of it! I see us in the cadillac baby, me being a dark motherfucker behind some shades. well be rolling through the hood chilling, i can smell the vegetable oil in my dream, i see the cadi bottoming out and sparks spraying across the road, you keep trying to lock the doors. Stem coming out the manhole covers. you turn and hand me some bills and you say I hope the niggers arent cold. I hand you a brocken peice of a neon sign and fire you up a rock  Well be driving around to ATM machines while you just withdrawl  your daddys money for me. Baby let me be your cause! Im the good flavor of the month. Fuck all this vegetable oil shit. well sell macadamian nuts out the vegetable car.

It goes on like this. More best of Craigslist here.

These songs do actually make us tired, you know, in a good way. (Headphones On)

“Song #3” — Tiger Mountain

Monday Morning mini-mix.

The Supreme Court is a joke, and now you know that.

DListed is firing on all cylinders right now. You don’t even have to buy US Weekly anymore. That’s how far we’ve come.

This is roughly the most disturbing photograph of all time, speaking of.

French female…singers.

This woman‘s blog entertains me.

This is quite easily the greatest photo set of all time.

This will be the last thing we post about the iPhone, OK?

The Cure are um…touring, and releasing a new album.

New Joan as Policewoman video.

The music business is so fun.

A good band is hard to find.

Continuing furor over the dumbest self-help product in history.

More Feist in case we haven’t been sating your need lately.

“I’m Sticking With You” — The Velvet Underground

How to optimize your website for google searches.

I contributed to this book–Pro Football Prospectus–and it’s already on sale now. Go buy a copy for your favorite football fan. Barnwell wrote a lot for the book too and he’s even more desperate than I am, so go now.

Images that changed the world–some of these are slightly gross, but that’s history for ya.

We got our first package from Palm Press, and we were extremely pleased with the result. Matvei Yankelevich’s The Present Work is the centerpiece and why I subscribed in the first place, but there’s much other good stuff there.

Simmons on Oden v. Durant.

Season full of bee stings.

Doing the Week in Quotes thing.

Cameron Diaz apology.

“Soft and Warm” — Voxtrot

“Tell Me a Lie” — Griffin House

Christina Aguilera press conference.

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