In Which Our Tuesday Links Overwhelm Us But At Least We Didn’t Cry During Ratatouille


Man Karen’s dog is foxy like a wolf. 

We shot some Tao Lin video from the Royal Oak Salon. We laughed too loudly and the camera shook, but the poetry is the thing after all. 

Here is Anna McDonald‘s reading at that lovely event.

I’m starting to think Tao doesn’t really have an intern. Hey we can’t all get pull quotes from Miranda July.

Elsa Dorfman’s dope-ass website. We posted one of her images in the Creeley post of this morning. This one is very famous or so we are told:


Head over to Things magazine they gotcha covered.

Cy Gist Press has a new chapbook out that’s well worth checking out. 

The best thing we have read lately is June by Lynn Xu. It’s well-worth snapping up before the copies start going for $500 apiece. It’s a work of real genius and the Corollary Press chapbook series is devastatingly awesome. It’s six bucks people don’t be stupid.

We got a hands-on look on that iPhone, and sure enough it’s a fucking awesome piece of equipment. Well done, Apple. You now have given every obnoxious asshole I know fuel for their fire. Do I seriously need to get round-the-clock text messages telling me how awesome the iPhone is?

“The Compromise” — The Format

I blog about three bands and feel so tired I need a nap. This dude blogs up a storm about the best of Austin, TX music and lives to tell the tale. I’m exhausted just reading it.  (Covert Curiosity)

This simply must be the most senseless blog post in history.

Those freakin’ Victoria’s Secret bastards.

Instrumental Analysis has the biggest shows everywhere.

There’s no reason not to keep the coffee coming, really. 

Enjoy these animal pics while you still can. All the animals in the pictures will be eaten in sandwiches by the time you read this.

Some really neat old maps.

New Directions is putting out a very lovely book about their founder.

If you don’t subscribe to KEXP’s Podcast of the Day, what are you thinking

Some b-sides from Zach Schomburg’s trip. (The Lovely Arc

I’m having a hard time deciding whether I think Reality Sandwich is misguided or awesome, so you can just click and figure it out.

This is already a classic Post frontpage:


Speaking of which, we did our quotes thing.

These images are messed up, yo.

This brave website dies the true death. That’s a Hyperion reference for those wondering.

The doctor who prescribed Benoit steroids is getting tons of shit. Like he wasn’t just going to get it from somewhere else.

Slate has a new video magazine. You know, in case reading their website didn’t put you out immediately.

This probably sounded a lot better in the idea room than it does in real life.

We seriously wish we could blog so succintly.  (Short Term Mp3 Loss)

Barnwell chatted up a storm. No Benoit questions shocks us.

McCain is screwed. I guess selling out to Bush last time wasn’t really the best long term move. Go fuck yourself you stupid bastard. Also, what is with these campaign payrolls?

As 2006 ended, McCain had cast himself as the inevitable candidate and built an expansive national campaign organization that melded top operatives from Bush’s political team with his own base of longtime loyalists from his failed 2000 presidential run.

But the money hasn’t come in as planned, and the initial spending was excessive.

From January through March, McCain spent nearly $1.6 million on payroll for his staff, the highest among Republican candidates. Romney was second at $1.1 million and Giuliani spent nearly $900,000. 

Jamie Lee Curtis on Top Chef. We dare you not to click on that link. 

When do we get our book deal

New movie about Iraq.

Our positive feelings towards Gob Bluth and his kin have inspired us to learn coin tricks.

It’s the special fiction issue at the New York Review. Like the Atlantic Monthly, the New York Review no longer gives a shit about fiction. Considering what they included in this issue, that’s probably for the best.

Finally an ending to the Sopranos the masses can get behind.

People are still leaving dickhead notes for other people

“Snow Pebbles” — Epicte

“Vase Lines” — Epicte

Here’s the Epicte website. You owe it to yourself to buy the album if you like electronic music.

Joel Siegel died. We get what the deal is with wrestlers dying young, but movie critics? 

“I Don’t Love” — Svoy 

Svoy myspace 

This site has some great old videos. (PCL LinkDump)

I guess I wasn’t the only one confused about why the sky was blue. (Good Magazine)

Go visit and the hype machine. I mean, you probably already have, or why is it again that you’re here? 

Yet more from The Besnard Lakes.

While Six Eyes hits up mainstream commercial Verve, we’re way too alienated to be enjoying that right now.

Hot photosets even your young ones can enjoy. Probably NSFW. Speaking of which, RedTube is a new hot NSFW site. Very NSFW.

This is quite the reaction to a certain drug. (The Music Slut)

Thanks for reading. Please come back very, very soon.


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