In Which Robert Creeley Returns For An Encore Performance As Rebecca Gayheart Hooks Up With McSteamy


Robert Creeley’s wikipedia entry.

Than I

by Robert Creeley 

I’m telling you a
story to let myself
think about it. all

day I’ve been
here, and yesterday.
The months, years,

enclose me as
this thing with arms
and legs. And if

it is time to talk about it,
who knows better

than I?

“Throw Some Ds (remix)” — Rich Boy featuring Kanye West


by Robert Creeley

for Bobbie

Yourself walked in the room tonight
and it wasn’t you. Your way of
being here isn’t another’s way.
It’s all the same somewhere maybe,
and the same old thing isn’t you.
All the negatives in existence
don’t change anything anyway.


The people tell me a sad story sometimes,
and I tend to tell it back to them.


Come home. It’s where you are anyway,
Anyway I wish you weren’t home,
Where is home anyway without me.


This place could be rolled up
and put away. Somebody
could warn the so-called people.

I wish I could talk to the people
without going away. Home,
wherever, is where the heart is.

I don’t want to talk to the people,
where the heart is. It’s home
you and me talk for hours.

For hours I didn’t think of you
and then I did and can’t stop.


Your birthday is here
without you, that day
you were born to be here.

The loveliest day I saw you
buying your first car
with such a lovely presence, of mind.

It doesn’t work without you.
I do, it doesn’t. Funny
or not, it’s no good.

I’ll be home, all ways—
you name it. I’ll put a ribbon
on it. You’re my love.


Cross in my mind, wanting,
waiting, to get home again.
A kind of weird road
stuck in the middle.

Whatever else it is,
love is the middle
with you and me
right in the middle.

The middle of midnight
is what time it is,
two hours earlier than you,
and me going nowhere.

Only the same time,
your birthday. You and me
at the same time in
the same place, always.

The Collected Poems of Robert Creeley, 1975-2005

“Bright As Yellow” — The Innocence Mission 

A Marriage

by Robert Creeley 

The first retainer
he gave to her
was a golden
wedding ring.

The second–late at night
he woke up,
leaned over on an elbow
and kissed her.

The third and the last–
he died with
and gave up loving
and lived with her.

After reading that, how you do not want to buy every single book he ever wrote baffles me.

“New Love” — Voxtrot

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