In Which We Dispense Thursday Links Because Honestly We Love Waking Up To Your Laugh

Big Love this week was very entertaining, although their refusal to blow off the “Is Bill Going To Jail Where He Can Experience The True Meaning of Polygamy?” storyline is getting a wee bit old. It wouldn’t hurt to give this mofo one night in prison. The more you watch of the show, the more it becomes an actual endorsement of polygamy, which to David Chase’s credit, The Sopranos never really did glorify the mob life. They’re kinda going way overboard to say that everyone is married to everyone. I mean, can a writer for this show please write the line, “I don’t know how these people get along without sister-wives” one more time? Nicki’s mother is becoming the most fascinating character on the show, but since she just cut off the ‘nuclear’ family, I don’t know how much more of her we’ll be seeing. Fortunately with Rhonda’s escape we’ll get to see her on the road, including possibly a vaginal rejuvenation and a re-losing of her virginity after she parted with it in Tijuana. It’s something in this show’s favor that we can imagine that happening on television at all.

If you can retire by text message, you can do anything by text message. Although all things considered it’s nicer to do it by Craigslist post.

John Cage on a game show is crazy stuff! (Cagey Blog)

Which Paris Hilton is this song about? (Said the Gramaphone)

It all begins and ends at the hype machine. Download your little sad holiday hearts out.

Epicuriocity hits Eater, nice. 

Our love of Wii tennis–did you know you could make the court blue?–has inflamed our passion for regular tennis. To be honest the movie Wimbledon with Kirsten Dunst did the same thing. There is something about Wimbledon that’s so awesome, and it’s even better in HD. Every match the crowd tries to get into the storyline, even for matches that have no apparent storyline. You can feel a little resurgence of tennis as because it’s fun to play it will never die. The Serena Williams-Justine Henin match for example was 100 percent to die for as Henin starts berating her coach near the end of it and when she wins she’s all smiles. What a scary woman. Meanwhile S. Williams is wearing clothing that covers one percent of her body.

Do you sometimes get the feeling sometimes that the Times is just re-running old stories and you’re actually reading a re-run from the 80s? Likewise for the moribund LA Times.

Poor Al Gore the third:

Instead, cops searched the car and found “less than an ounce” of marijuana and a stash of pharmaceuticals, including pain killer Vicodin, anti-anxiety meds Xanax and Valium, and Adderall and Soma.

Adderall is an amphetamine used to treat attention-deficit disorder, while Soma is a pop ular muscle relaxant that makes pain vanish faster than a Greenland glacier.

“He didn’t have a prescription for any of those drugs,” Orange County Sheriff’s spokesman Jim Amormino said. “He was cooperative with the police, and was taken into custody without incident.”

Gore III was taken to the men’s central jail on $20,000 bail, where he shared a holding cell with other inmates. He was bailed out at about 2 p.m.  

Gotta love how happy the Post is about this. Good has yet to put up a statement. I guess we are in the post-celebrity culture. In all seriousness, his father has a bloody fortune, there is no need to be driving around high with pills in the car. I have to believe at heart everyone wants to be caught. 

“Gone” — The Beta Band

The new dad is back in action, blogging Sebadoh’s show in Bawston.

A terrific introduction to the Japanese music scene. (I Am Fuel, You Are Friends

Bring Me Up had some dope songs for the fourth.

Write your name in Egyptian.

They’re filming a lot of the new Indiana Jones at Yale. Fingers crossed for a Rory Gilmour cameo. The Observer is also covering the balls off the New York real estate scene.

Inc. is running this How I Did It series which is pretty cool. Unfortunately, none of the entrepreneurs profiled are women.

Conquer the Middle East in ninety seconds, again and again.

An Elizabeth Hurley photoset that’s not to be missed. The jury is still out, but photoset may yet be the most important word of this new millenium. (The Grumpiest)

Popular Science figures out whether Transformers has the best special effects ever. Danish saw it and said it sucked so I’m going to not see it.

Kicking terrorism in the balls, so to speak.

“Broke” — The Beta Band

Roger Kimball’s latest at The New Criterion is hilariously on target, and that’s what makes it sad. He sticks the knife into Bard here. Stefan also had a favorable review of the new Hitchens, and Jay Nordlinger’s music writing is always terrific. And you thought all conservatives were dumb? You can subscribe here.

CNN running this as a headline is all too weird. I am definitely ready for 24 blanket coverage of the widows of India, though.

I think the disturbing couple above spends about 99 percent of their time on the beach. “I can’t hear you, honey, the waves! Loud!” Jenny better hope she finds the fountain of youth before Jim’s agent is like, “Sorry Jim but we just can’t afford her anymore.” Viva Ace Ventura 3!

Sixeyes had a splendid Tom Waits mix on Tuesday. We are running out of adjectives for these links, can you tell yet?

“Quiet” — The Beta Band

King Biscuit Time website.


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