In Which Monday Links Give You The Bad Feeling Inside the Palace


Will wrote me a frantic e-mail the other night, regarding the new Animal Collective album.

it may be the best album of all time. you may want to report briefly on this, its HUGE news

Well, if you say so. What I’ve heard so far hasn’t exactly blown me away, but I’ve learned not to judge.

“Prospect Hummer” — Animal Collective

“Peacebone” — Animal Collective

“Cuckoo Cuckoo” — Animal Collective

“Chores” — Animal Collective

“Grass” — Animal Collective

The first single off the album

Linguistic geography is totally sweet.

The Boeing Dreamliner got unveiled. If they weren’t one of the worst companies ever, maybe I’d be more into that.

Monday Music over at Hate Something Beautiful. Heather has yet more.

Doorman fucks up mugger and gloats.

Sony already panicking on what the Wii is doing to it.

Mandy Moore bikini photoset

Song, By Toad on political rants.

All the optical illusions you could want.

Looking back at the Son of Sam summer.

Times had a piece on dating. I thought this story was also dumb.

Sez Page Six:

CRINGE frontman John Cusimano may not be spending every day with his wife of almost two years, Rachael Ray, for much longer. Insiders say Ray and Cusimano are “going through a messy breakup.” A source close to the couple told Page Six, “Her mother is in town from Lake George to help Rachael find an apartment.” Rumors of their split have been circulating ever since the National Enquirer reported last November that Cusimano paid Jeaninne Walz up to $500 a session to spit on him and rub her feet on his face in 2000, before he met Ray. Rumors are also circulating that Rachael “has been flirting” with Colby Donaldson, the ex-“Survivor” cast member who joined the “Rachael Ray” show in February, on and off the set. But Ray’s rep, Charlie Dougiello, told us, “Rachael and John are happier than ever and have been in the Hamptons since Tuesday enjoying the holiday week with friends. Rachael’s mom, Elsa, is upstate at the family cabin. There is no truth to reports they are about to get divorced.”

I’m more and more convinced that throwing money into public transit borders on pointless, but here’s an argument otherwise.

Good on the global sushi market.

Transformers is making some people happy and making other people realize it sucked.

Anti-depressants prescribed more than ever.

You can get free shipping materials from the Post Office.

Chris Russo of WFAN opined in the following clip on this movie that is evidently horrible. I have not seen it, but it sounds badddddd. Take a listen Chris is f’n hilarious.

I don’t know what the bigger story is: how much plastic surgery J.K. Rowling has had, or that Harry’s gonna die

Avril and plagiarism.

Daily News treats a hot couple to a sweet annniversary.

Rock Sellout looks at Interpol more closely.

Andrew Solomon reaffirmed his domestic partnership.

Last night’s episode of Entourage was disgraceful, although the TMZ joke at the end was funny. To show some blatant misogny and homophobia and joke around about it should be passe these days, but hey, lowest common denominator. It’s one thing to be realistic, it’s another to purposefully joke about a subject with the intent of saying, “Isn’t this unnatural?” Pathetic move for a one second joke. It’s also pathetic that no one is mentioning this.

Harvey Weinstein

4 thoughts on “In Which Monday Links Give You The Bad Feeling Inside the Palace

  1. I’m really enjoying the new Animal Collective, but the “best album of all-time” thought never entered my mind until I read your post. Craziness! 🙂

    Thanks for the linkage, btw!

  2. See I think the new Animal Collective is kinda retarded. The lyrics were always retarded, but it was way better when you couldn’t understand them. The new stuff sounds like techno-Phish.

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