In Which Tuesday Morning Links Arrive As Satisfying As A Cup Of Coffee Though Somewhat Short of an Orgasm


This site has a funny Nietzsche quote on its header:

Someone who does not write books, who thinks a lot, and who lives in [an] unsatisfying society will usually be a good letter-writer.

Friedrich Nietzsche

Best of Prince.

Virgin Music Festival owns Pitchfork Music Festival.

Attack of rawk.

Roy Orbison wrapped in clingf

Google hits Australia.

A damn near perfect American pop song.

New music from Kim Richey.

Extrawack! with the schedule for the Siren Festival.

Really kind of sad Believer music issue.  Wholpin is much more interesting, it’s a DVD magazine from these people. More magazines! That’s the answer!

Lucy Pinder Wimbledon photoset.

Milk Milk Lemonade on Boy/Girl.

Anthony Lane on T.S. Eliot, and other important subjects.

Broken Dial mixtape, Volume 11.  

Chicken fucks with girl after wedding. (City Peep)

This playlist changes lives.

Armagideon time continues to bring the awesome

Tod Goldberg reads Parade.

Those are some pretty small camels

Speaking of camels.

Buy the album here

“Sound of the Sun” — Silverstein

“If You Could See Into My Soul” — Silverstein

Silverstein website.

Toni Collette’s having a baby.

There’s nothing wrong with hack criticism, as long as one acknowledges it.

Donald Rumsfeld is shopping his memoirs.

More live music from the Black Crowes than is probably necessary.

Guidelines for what stories shouldn’t be about.


Mick McGovern slammed Thomas Bernhard’s translator.

We did the Monday links thing.

Molly went back to the ever so fruitful Science Corner well.

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