In Which We Began Our Legendary Countdown of the Top Ten Books of the Year With A Long Poem For Last Month


For various ill-advised reasons, we decided to count down the top ten best books of the year. This proved difficult, as not much has come out, so we are forced to stretch our timeline back to June of 2006. That we could find ten books worth saving among the clusterfuck that is the publishing industry is more a credit to us than it is to them. We looked long and hard, and this is what we will be looking long and hard at for years to come.

The Ten Best Books of the Year

10. June by Lynn Xu









Corollary Press, $6

Lynn Xu’s June is a long poem that packs a lot of punch. Jesus, what is this, a Publisher’s Weekly review or something? Even though it came out in 2006, it is our No. 10 best book of 2007 for good reason.

The world of poetry is very much a weird one right now. It’s very hard for their to be any kind of objective way to say what is and isn’t great. Usually if you are friends with someone it’s a lot better than you know, being the best poet. Ms. Xu is one of our best poets. She is destined for a highfalutin’ academic future, if she wants it. Why, you might ask?

Because she writes like this:

It was never personal. Appear in the lamplight. A foot from the bed. The flower. The possibility of living there, in the middle of a surface, from which the image has fled. Begin there. In search of water, if you’d like, a minaret, a burning necklace, some violet planet, the dark, on top of a cliff. And where the knot slipped from the table, a dying pose, a plan to lie down, an hour, no more. Not argument. Enactment.

Lynn’s poetry is perceptive, calculated, surprising at every turn. The long poem June is accompanied by Faithfully and The Expedient Return in this slim volume that you can carry in your pocket on the subway.

I mean, $6? Snap this shite up.

Terry Teachout on Beverly Sills. By the way, Tingle Alley joined About Last Night for the summer.

Michael Bay on Transformers. Poor creative genius Michael Bay.

The scroll On the Road was written on is published.

The latest book from The Pines series, this time with a vinyl insert if you hurry–only $10.

De Novo Dahl on tour

Top mix from What To Wear During An Orange Alert.


“Hey Son” — Nancy Elizabeth

“Waiting for Cars” — Nancy Elizabeth

Nancy Elizabeth website. She is sublime. Her new album comes out soon. Getecho blogged about her here. Her myspace.

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