In Which Tuesday Links Fuel A Literary Need To Get Things Done


Big Love last night was a little cluttered, with Margene’s mother showing up to drink all the Stoli in the house, giving Bill someone to play off. The Hollis and Selma Green stuff was the hard genius, especially his phone call to Bill and how he ended it: “Very truly yours Hollis Green.” That’s hilarious. I gotta change my voicemail. Nicki learning to like Margene’s mother as a way to compensate for the loss of her own kinda made sense, but also, kinda didn’t. The eventuality of a fourth wife is entertaining and sets up a great storyline. It’s always hardest on the third wife. The scene with Bill and his eldest daughter was a tear-jerker over in these parts. If past history is any indication, we’ll probably never get over it.

Andrew Richmond has a dope fictive up at KnifePower.

The Raven, read by Christopher Walken.

Get pompadoured.

This is a good week for new films on DVD.

The best subway trains in New York City.

The New Republic goes down the long road again.

Man the Daily News publishes so much crazy stuff. It’s downright ghoulish sometimes, see here and here. She needed 2,000 stitches. What about one big stitch? Or perhaps some duct tape. Good lord.

This has to be the most bizarre photograph in human history.

Although my job search has come to an end, my love for will never flag.

Will I likely ever view this as anything but a white group protesting a powerful black man? Probably not.

At least someone will be here all week. Apologies for the lack of posts. We’ll be up and running once I resurrect myself from the dead after tonight’s CapGun2 premiere.

“O Lord Are You In Need” — Palace Brothers  (mp3)

“King Me” — Palace Brothers (mp3)

Taking out the trash in space.


Molly explored the fifties TV angle.

We gave you a lil’ mixtape.

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