In Which Sunday Links Bring Us Back To The Time When We Were Old

Oy, what a weekend. I feel like someone hit me in the head with a baseball bat.

I don’t have it half as bad as this Nazi death doctor who is somehow still at large. If only he knew how the contemporary appetite for vengeance would grow

Turn yourself into a Simpsons character.

Steve Martin quietly married a New Yorker staffer.

Usher’s mom didn’t like the chica he knocked up and called off his wedding.

The Police and Sting hit Fenway Park this weekend, much to Gideon’s considerable chagrin:

“Roxanne,” sadly, stretched into a languid (read: dirgelike) jam, which felt more like a self-indulgent detour than a thrilling soundscape. And at times the repertoire seemed to have been infected by the easy, jazzy turn Sting has taken as a solo artist. The genius of “Don’t Stand So Close To Me” was in the uneasy mix of the sinister and the innocent, but last night smooth curves replaced the ominous edges of that song.

How fascinating?

“Disco Sheets” — Wolf Parade (mp3)

Jef brings the classic sunday mixtape.

26 mp3s for the kids.

Lightspeed Champion and Final Fantasy live.

A Ween live track from this month (“Gabrielle”) and much more.

Damn, the rent is sick in Omaha.

Fun pics from the Comic-Con Convention.

Single on the Hill.

Cross-country tour on a bike.

“Jealous Guy” — Elliott Smith (mp3)

“About Her” — Malcolm McLaren (mp3)

I first came across this cover on the Kill Bill 2 soundtrack and it is just fabulous for any time of day or weather.

It is raining here in New York.

Robert Heinlein is 100. He died in 1988.

The future of NASA.

The failure of liberal talk radio.

“I hate this story and I don’t think it should be our lead.”

The story of one relationship with Planned Parenthood.

I honestly thought this was a real pic of Jenna Jameson.

If you’re into sharks, get into Sharkrunners.

Predicting a Clinton/Obama ticket.

The Manhattans of the sea floor were discovered.

“Never Leave Lonely” — Ben Harper (mp3)

“Lover I Don’t Have To Love” — Bright Eyes (mp3)

“Delicate (live)” — Damien Rice (mp3)

“9 Crimes (live)” — Damien Rice (mp3)

When to eat food off the ground.

3 thoughts on “In Which Sunday Links Bring Us Back To The Time When We Were Old

  1. Lincoln, NE new place: fireplace, solarium, large stone terrace, 2 living rooms, two bedrooms, enough indoor bike parking for 5+ bikes = $650. oh, and it looks like

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