In Which We Ruminate on Sexism, Racism, and Class Politics In The Workplace And Beyond

I Don’t Wanna Work

by Molly Lambert

Workplace TV shows will always be popular because people will always have to work. And when everyone is eventually just blogging from home, there will be shows about that, and they will somehow try to make typing on a computer cinematically interesting, an impossible task demonstrated in The Net, Live Free Or Die Hard, and several times an episode on 24.

mary lynn

Mary Lynn Rajskub, Chloe on 24, comedian, and general cutie

But until then everyone can relate to The Office, with its ubiquitously generic workplace and family of archetypical coworkers. The fact that they work at a paper company is one of the show’s best jokes. It’s an existential comedy about the interaction of personality types and hierarchies of power.

In that vein, I burned my way through the complete Larry Sanders Show box-set, which is not actually complete. It’s only 23 of the 89 episodes. But 23 excruciatingly hilarious episodes, and Shandling’s commentaries and interviews are so personal and strange it often feels like Shandling’s March.


Paul Rudd was not on the Larry Sanders Show. But Janeane was.

The show has aged so well because its relaxed feel and cast, which included comedians like Mary Lynn Rajskub, Sarah Silverman, Scott Thompson, and Janeane Garofolo more or less playing themselves, and the show’s awkward improvisational style anticipated completely today’s comedies of uncomfortable situations.


I am still loving Mad Men. Especially now that they’ve established Christina Hendricks as Joan the supervoluptuary redhead office bitch. Like all great actors, she got her start on MTV’s Undressed, and is best known for her appearance as Saffron on Firefly.

“Around the World” — Red Hot Chili Peppers


Real or fake? I mean her hair, obviously.

So it hasn’t been announced yet but apparently the new Shia LaBeouf movie will be an adaptation of the graphic serial Y: The Last Man, to be directed by D.J. Caruso, who helmed not only Disturbia but the incredibly bad/funny independent movie The Salton Sea which stars the fat Val Kilmer as a junkie jazz musician.


everybody’s got something to hide, except for me and my monkey

IMDB tells me Caruso’s career comes courtesy of a Disney internship and a friendship with Rob Cohen, the schlockmeister director responsible for The Fast and the Furious, the Sly Stallone film Daylight, and Stealth, that Jamie Foxx and Jessica Biel and Josh Lucas starring bomb about a sentient jet.

Cohen’s next project, after The Mummy 3, is apparently called King of the Nudies, based on Russ Meyer’s biography. I think that’s sort of a cool interesting idea. The Fast and the Furious, which I actually loved, reminded me of the desert chase scenes in Meyer’s queer film studies favorite Faster Pussycat, Kill Kill.

A typical Russ Meyer film

My favorite Russ Meyer movie is Beyond the Valley of the Dolls. A Russ Meyer biopic would also make a great double bill with Mary Harron’s excellent The Notorious Bettie Page.

“Torn” — Natalie Imbruglia 

Russ Meyer would looooove Christina Hendricks. He only cast girls like this.

Anyone back to Shia, and Indy. Apparently Karen Allen appears briefly as her character Marion Ravenwood. Which is awesome, because we all know Karen Allen is a fox. She was, for a brief moment in the seventies, the epitome of the brainy hot chick. Her star turn was as Katy in Animal House. Apparently Spielberg noticed Allen from her performance in A Small Circle of Friends, a sixties period piece from 1980 directed by (dun dun dun) Rob Cohen.


She was also up for the role of Princess Leia. She makes more sense to me than Carrie Fisher. Do people think Carrie Fisher is hot? They don’t right? I get that she’s cool and spunky, and that it’s like, a deeply ingrained thing that Princess Leia is the ideal woman, but Carrie Fisher gives me the exact same “blowsy drunk” vibe as her mother Debbie Reynolds.


Also I get the whole Star Wars thing now guys. I apologize for making fun of everyone all this time. I totally get it now. I went to the Lotus Festival in Echo Park and all the kids had these light sabers and I had to get one. And then I couldn’t stop playing with it. Light sabers are sweet. Unless you’re paying like a million dollars for a replica one. Then you’re a dork.

“In A Little While” — James Blunt (mp3)

If you’ve somehow managed to read this far, your reward is this amazing link to 40 pages of videos from the nineties MTV alternative music showcase 120 Minutes. I used to tape that shit off TV. Mudhoney, who have a lot of videos here, got their name from a Russ Meyer movie. Jeez, the internet.

Molly Lambert, Co-Author of This Recording, is the last splash

9 thoughts on “In Which We Ruminate on Sexism, Racism, and Class Politics In The Workplace And Beyond

  1. A small note: Star Wars isn’t about lightsabers or starships or droids. It isn’t a space fantasy. It’s about growing up bored in Modesto. It is essentially the same movie as American Graffiti, only set in a different time and place.

  2. American Graffiti > Star Wars

    That’s an interesting thesis, do you think Grandaddy wrote songs about technology for the same reasons George Lucas made films about it? Or do you think they all just huffed too much paint in their youth in Modesto.

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