In Which This Is Upfront With Our Thursday Links If You Want Me Now Because I Have Been Here It’s Not It Seems It’s Only a Empty Dream

This is the best picture of me and Molly I could find. We are one.

Here at this recording Molly and I would like to thank all our readers huge and bigtime. We are going to be blogging even more, which frightens us, especially me, especially because Molly insists on posting inflammatory images. It means so much to us that you take the time out of your day even simply to run your mouse over us. It feels like tiny ball bearings touching our face. We have some exciting projects planned for your little eyes, even better than the Childhood series which was all-time, so stay tuned. The ride’s just beginning.

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Holla! Team Building Exercise ’99!

Geno was all over this single. (A Certain Romance)

“The Box” — Eastern Conference Champions (mp3)

This is my new favorite song of all time. The lyrics are amazing, it starts all slow, the drum solo is ridiculously, you could do the whole song just with drums. For some reason this song is 500x better with headphones, be forewarned.

More ECC.

This new Leonardo DiCaprio doc about the environment is going to be one of the funniest things in the history of funny things.

Faith=imaginary friend.

That is one scary picture of Rose McGowan.

Hugo Chavez heart Sean Penn.

What accounts for my sudden interest in Argentinean politics.

The piano John Lennon wrote Imagine on.

That’s…quite the linguist. She’s slippery.

“Riding” — Palace Brothers (mp3)

Amazon Grocery just opened up. So I borrowed my roommate Jamie’s razor the other day–it’s a Mach 3 with replaceable blades. After I used it in the morning, he couldn’t find it. I didn’t know where it was either. After a full search of the apt, we realized I had placed it next to the plates and bowls in the cabinet. Booyakasha.

You can read Jamie’s B-L-O-G here. I found this anecdote particularly entertaining:

The other day at work an older colleague asked me why i have been on the phone so much. I told her that there has been a lot of controversy going around.

She asked me, “like what”?

I replied, “someone fucked someone they shouldn’t”

She said, “that’s why the 30s are so great. when someone fucks someone they shouldn’t, everyone’s like, ‘awesome, good for them, they got laid”

Hilarious. Try getting a reservation at Dorsia now indeed.

Black Lips at the Claremont Lounge.

Chewing gum after meals reduces heartburn.

Awesome Chloe Sevigny story and pic of Unwound.

Big Love this week was perhaps the most incredible hour of television ever. Between finally confronting the hypocrisy stuff and learning some hard truths about polygamy to incredible scene after scene to a ridiculous Margene-Bill sex sequence to Bill’s baby talk to Lois’ fascination with the backdoor to a lot less Joey (thank God) to Barb’s convo with Brynn this was the hour of television to end all hours of television. I honestly wanted to stand up and applaud.

They also recently did a sweet web feature on Benny’s talk with Barb. Fascinating stuff.

Becky did a triathlon. (Too Much Crafty)

Song of the day featuring our man in Japan Andrew Bird.

In Praise of Tap Water?

This laptop is such a steal I probably can’t resist. Look at the gd size of that hard drive.

The U.S. government just gave the Palestinians $80 million to reform their security services.

OK see you tomorrow people.

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