In Which We Are Overcome With the Chaos Of Twister In New York City

Photos are from here.

Did you get to work OK?

I got lucky and got a cab. Half the stations in long island are flooded with eight inches of rain.

The cabbie said, “you’re a good guy” because I kept letting people ride with us. Apparently I am the decider. I said, “No dude, you’re a good guy.” We went back and forth until we were satisfied with how awesome we were.

Then my cabbie developed an impersonation of people screaming as they pressured him to admit which one of them saw the cab first. “Tell him I was there first!” I laughed a lot about this.

Then we had the following conversation.

Me: People are crazy.

Cab Driver: Yeah. I’m from Eritrea.

Me: Don’t interrupt me. People are just…I don’t know man.

Cab Driver: Word.

In hindsight I don’t like making up conversations like this, because it implies that the conversation I had with my parents did not really occur. Trust me, it did.

I’d have more confidence in the city, but our erstwhile Mayor was at jury duty. God how I hate government.

“We are very much tied to mass transit, which is a system that is obviously vulnerable to natural events,” Bloomberg said.

At an afternoon news conference, Mayor Bloomberg confirmed that one woman was killed on Staten Island in the storm.

“A woman driving on Staten Island got stuck on an underpass and another car came along and hit her. The police commissioner informed me that we arrested the driver, who had a suspended license,” Bloomberg said.

In fairness, people were freaking out, it was pretty much War of the Worlds.

Then again, making better decisions than other people in times of crisis has always been my métier.

“Somewhere (A Place For Us)” — Tom Waits (mp3)

Once I got to Penn Station, since nobody could really get there, it was mostly people coming off the LIRR and realizing they couldn’t get to work really.

So many people were complaining. I’m like, “It’s tornado season, let’s not make it about us.”

This is just to say: I’m OK.

“This Boy” — I’m From Barcelona (mp3)

Obviously I am still trying to recover from this New Orleans-esque tragedy, but in the meantime, here’s your links:

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Camille was amazing today:

On the culture front, fabled film directors Ingmar Bergman and Michelangelo Antonioni dying on the same day was certainly a cold douche for my narcissistic generation of the 1960s. We who revered those great artists, we who sat stunned and spellbound before their masterpieces — what have we achieved?

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Lil’ Mike wrote about Lee Hazlewood. When you see Molly’s post, you will understand why it is worth the wait.

LCD Soundsystem in Austin. (HYPEFUL)

Mixed review of Superbad. I’m still going to see it and love it I am sure.

Our climb of the Most Popular Charts over at our friends The Hype Machine continues. Support the cause, click here as if your life depended on it! We shall triumph over the Slut! Kidding, we love sluts, sluts rock.

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