In Which Nannies Roll All The Way Home As We Pass Along Wednesday Links For You and Your Loved Ones

So when I get off the train to take the shuttle to work every day, Long Island mothers are picking up their nannies at the train station with kids in tow. While I do not believe that women in general are bad drivers, these mothers obvious could give a shit who they block, or what they do and say in front of their kids. The concept of having a nanny I guess is not evil in itself. These people can afford to hire someone to take care of their children and there is nothing wrong with that. Being a nanny isn’t a bad job either, I’m sure it’s better than working on Wall Street, for example. It’s got to be less boring.

I guess my main objection is to these Long Island mothers. I don’t begrudge working women whatsoever. My mother worked when I was a child and it never particularly bothered me. It simply seems a little weird to take such a peripheral interest in your children. It’s natural for them to become close to their caretakers, and that’s fine, too, but I don’t understand not wanting to be the main influence in your child’s life.

I guess in the end it’s a good thing, because it’s probably better for the kids to learn from someone who has struggled rather than these mothers themselves, who will, with any luck, go extinct like the dinosaurs. The right meteor could do the job just fine.

Marjorie Thompson website. You can buy Right by Me here.

“Northwind Rise” — Marjorie Thompson (mp3)

“Come to the River” — Marjorie Thompson (mp3)

“How To Be” — Marjorie Thompson (mp3)

Edwards sez fuggedaboutit to Nevada. A lawyer moving out of Nevada is the natural course of things I suppose. He has no prayer until he gets a time travel machine to make him a presidential candidate in the 60s.

Hexstatic takes a turn for the electro.

Brooke Hogan was attacked.

This gmail videos are hilarious and amazing.

The ever so patriarchal Good magazine reports that TimesSelect is now done with. Great, now we can link to…who writes for them again?

Digging for those Utah miners continue. “It’ll be about another week,” said some dude.

Parents could be banned from smoking in cars with their children. Christ I’m going to have to find a new country to live in, aren’t I.

A disaster of a hospital.

Web comic for geeks. I guess that’s kind of redundant.

DVDs for babies hurt little kids.

Groucho Marx’s letters are pretty cool.

Awesome guilty pleasures from The Duke. (The Late Greats)

The Scrabble Championship came down to this.

TIAA-CREF plays up its non-profit status. When did I get interested in this kind of thing? When I began saving for my retirement. Shyeah right. Our generation will be working until they are 90. Fortunately I have no kinda plans to live that long.

In a television commercial, an announcer declares: “We are a financial services dot-org, not a dot-com. For nearly 90 years, our mission has been to put the heart of a nonprofit to work for those who serve the greater good.

“We do this the dot-org way,” the announcer continues, “with low fees, objective advice and a unique insight into the hearts and minds of those who give us hope for the future.” The arrival of the campaign, with an annual budget estimated at $50 million, is indicative of a tricky balancing act that is faced by many marketers — particularly those competing in crowded categories like financial services.

The dot-org way? If I don’t understand that, how is anyone else going to?
‘Luminous’ review of the new Neil Gaiman movie. I admit I sort of want to see it.

Enter the retrosexual.

Jamie reviews the new season of The Hills.

Screenwriters getting group deals with studios. Strange.

Texas gets ready for a cranky tropical storm.

Some hot Jonathan Richman tracks.

Cupcakes are so hot right now, plus some recipes for them.

Extreme aerial bowfishing borders on the insane.

Terminal 5, the new venue opening up in Midtown, has quite the debut lineup.

The Red Sox’ top pitching prospect is ready to go.

I want a camo Bible for my birthday!

Tarantino got stuck in traffic in Manila. Give me a break, it’s a slow day.


Police Inspector blog.

Latest 40 images posted to livejournals.

The World Forgot has the best song of the summer.

Tyler Carter’s blog is a mix of the sad and the just plain weird.

Speed of Dark. Also Pink is the New Blog.

Panda “plays” with one of her twin cubs. There is no nanny here!

One thought on “In Which Nannies Roll All The Way Home As We Pass Along Wednesday Links For You and Your Loved Ones

  1. While I do not disagree with your assessment of the Mothers and their children and nannies, I consider your evaluation less than thorough given the fact that it does not address the Fathers’ job in these childrens’ lives. How is it that the entire blame for such peripheral interest in these children, and thet onus to provide it is placed squarely and solely on the shoulders of the Mother.

    Where are the Fathers in all this?

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