In Which Three Music Acts Tempt Us With Their Magnetism And Sheer Talent

Miya Dunets

It’s New, It’s Exciting, And You Should Most Probably Download It Now

It’s rare that a new act makes any impression on you at all. Usually it’s because they sound like something else familiar; e.g. Vampire Weekend = The Strokes plus Paul Simon divided by underage sexual intercourse. In the case of these three acts, they’ve already set out against the tide. They don’t sound like The White Stripes, they don’t look like Paris Hilton, and they probably don’t have Murray as their manager. (Last time, I swear!)

Here are three that piqued us.

We first wrote about the phenomenal talent that is Miya Dunets when we put her next to some awe-inspiring German poems in translation. She does kinda sound like Regina Spektor, but Regina Spektor is great, so this is hardly bad.

“Baby” — Miya Dunets (mp3)

“Happy With You” — Miya Dunets (mp3)

“I Started A Song” — Miya Dunets (mp3)

Dope, simple, sad and unafraid of being cliched or obvious. This is the new thing, why do you think we are so into Bob Creeley? “I’m telling you a story so I can think about it”? Come on now.

You can watch my amateur video of Miya performing at Fontana’s in NYC here. Just ignore the videos of a certain bachelor party.

Miya has a gig coming up at Mo Pitkin’s…you can get all the relevants on her myspace.

“Around and Round” — The Waking Slows (mp3)

“Perennial Flower” — The Waking Slows (mp3)

“After Love” — The Waking Slows (mp3)

The Waking Slows myspace.

The Waking Slows are a dainty three piece from Boston. Their drummer is Jordan Lipp, who I have had the pleasure of watching play many times. He is a genius, his brother is a genius, and the third guy probably at least has basic motor skills.

The Slows have the full capability of being lots of bands, but they choose to be themselves. This is as powerful an artistic statement as it is a philosophical one. Are you listening to the music yet? Because I can go on like this.

55 Bar Band!

I guess she kinda looks like Paris Hilton?

Nerissa Campbell’s website.

“Bedazzled” — Nerissa Campbell (mp3)

“Smoke on the Window Sill” — Nerissa Campbell (mp3)

“Suite” — Nerissa Campbell (mp3)

You can buy Paint Me Orange here.

Nerissa is Australian and is more of a jazz act. Her voice is astonishing, especially when she steps out of her comfort range as a classically trained jazz singer.

She is playing Divertimento Bistro on Friday night, which if you live in New York is on E. 13th Street btn 1st ave and Ave A

She’s on from 8 – 10 p.m. Jesse Elder will also be performing.

OK sample that and get back to me.

Here are your links:

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Don DeLillo-inspired band.

!!! gives Jack a new start, also the Hot Chip Remix helps.

Alex Carnevale is the editor of This Recording.

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