In Which We Are Full Of Paper Bones

A Late Summer Science Corner

by Molly Lambert

I’ve got the whole world in my brain

Wow, what a banner week for women’s sex drives. First we find out it’s mathematically impossible for men to have more partners than women. Now it seems the sex drive is totally in the brain, not hormonal as has always been assumed.


Fortress of Solitude found in Mexico.


Largest known exoplanet theoretically should not exist. Why there aren’t giant bugs (except in Lovecraft).


New frog species found in formerly lost forest in Africa. Space Hotel. No thanks, I just saw Sunshine and I will still be staying out of space forever.


Robo-Seals. Fat People are attracted to other Fat People. Some more Gattaca type shit. Man bit by beheaded snake. Maturity leads to richer memories.

Paper Bones made on 3D Printer Put in People. Chinook can’t fail (at Checkers). Birds don’t like monogamy either.

Not a crayfish but an axolotl

Crayfish and the art of bluffing.

Hungry Quasars

Uh Oh. China’s winning at the internet too.

Not science, just neat

Guess who else is reading Lovecraft? It’s Patton.


John Tierney’s article on “Recycling Is Garbage” has the dubious distinction of breaking the New York Times Magazine’s hate mail record.

I don’t know John Tierney, but I imagine we’d get along judging by his sopilsistic and stonery science writings, and his casual use of the word “dude.” Also he dated Maureen Dowd so we already know he likes redheads who never shut up.

Old School Emosogynists

The NY Times has a blog even nerdier than This Recording.

Rent Buscemi’s underrated last outing as a director, Lonesome Jim

If I lived in Chicago, I would be running out to see “Osage County.” Since I am in Los Angeles, I will probably go see “Delirious” because I love Tom DiCillo and it appears to star Michael Pitt playing the role of Leonardo DiCaprio in “Celebrity.”


Michael Pitt and Alison Lohman channelling the new slutty Manson-banging Evan Rachel Wood

Remember when Leo was still cute? Sigh.

Michael Pitt sure likes to disappear into characters. I mean, he’s no Gosling but I’m surprised he’s not one of the Dylans. I guess Heath Ledger already filled the token legitimate hipster slot.

Faux-Leo Michael Pitt dated Michelle Williams’s charcter on Dawson’s Creek. Maybe that’s why he and Heath can’t be co-Dylans.

I didn’t care for Youth In Revolt, but lots of other people seem to. And Michael Cera is adorable.

R.I.P. P.R.

Phil Rizzuto calls Roger Maris’s 61st homerun: mp3

Rizzuto in Meatloaf’s ‘Paradise By The Dashboard Light’: mp3

Teenage Lust – Times New Viking: mp3

Allegory Gets Me Hot – Times New Viking: mp3

Big Painting – The Times: mp3

Molly Lambert is Senior Editor of This Recording

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