In Which Homophobia and Thuggishness Find Themselves Natural Bedfellows

It’s rare that two internet victims are created in one controversy. Yet life is conflict, I mean I think David Mamet said that or something, perhaps I am thinking of Stanislavsky. It does not matter whose bardology you subscribe to. Often an eye for an eye is an eye for an eye for an eye. You budding rabbis know what I mean.

One of the stupidest things you can probably do is give me a password. Since I am usually benevolent, this will largely consist of my forwarding your most personal of information to my Minister of Information, Danish “I live in San Francisco Look At Meeeee” Aziz.

What my Minister will then do is use is anger and his weaponry usually in the most damaging way possible. In this case, I told him that I snuck into Jamie’s facebook profile and made the most childish of jokes.

“Blanket Hog” — The Long Winters (mp3)

Jamie isn’t gay, I mean, are you, say if you are. Because I mean, then this is more mean because I outed you. Jamie is nearing his last days in my house for the summer (he was working at Mount Sinai) and it’s his birthday today. Happy birthday buddy.

The problem with this prank, though, was that my Minister of Information is a chronic insomniac who now has a day job.

Unfortunately in the screenshot he took, he also got his other screen. (Like any good nerd, he has two.) On that screen was his gmail account. And some embarassing information came to light that…well…I wasn’t expecting.


Danish, I am shocked and appalled. I think it’s time you told me what you’ve been doing when you say you’ve been sampling beers.

I am not the only one who would like to know. Feuer thinks he and you are going to be playing FF together. Is he right? 

“Stupid” — The Long Winters (mp3)

John Roderick. Photo by Autumn DeWilde, whose book of photos of T.R. favorite Elliott Smith comes out in September.


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