In Which We Turn Up Our Palms And Shrug At The Newspaper

Sometimes When I Read The New York Times I Get So Depressed About Late Capitalist America That I Am Unable To Go On For Several Minutes, And Then Venus And Serena Remind Me Of All That’s Right With The Future

by Molly Lambert

“Okay, so here’s my plan.”

I expressed my fascination with John Tierney in the last Science Corner. Now he takes on the evolutionary history of “the shrug” as a universal gesture.

“Man I fucking love saxophones…”

Justin Theroux: Speaks Mandarin. Rolls Bali Shag. Is Nephew of travel writer Paul Theroux. In a “Joke” Motorcycle Gang with Scott Campbell, who is not Campbell Scott (Thank Christ). Wrote and Co-Stars in the newly tragic Frat Pack war movie parody Tropic Thunder.


Stage Actors love themselves, each other, marry on Hogback Mountain.


John Ashbery aims to make poetry cool for the kids.


Williams sisters kick ass at US Open in honor of Althea Gibson.

Althea Gibson loves saxophones

Gibson’s Jewish former doubles partner Angela Buxton still can’t get into the All England Lawn Tennis Club.


Top-Seeded Idiot Roger Federer doesn’t have a clue who Althea Gibson is.

Kiss it, R-Fed”

White People in Massachusetts enjoy living next to other White People.

The Loneliness Of The Lone Detroit Typist

Virtual Iraq simulator aims to help shell shocked veterans, looks like a stupid video game.

“New York‘s alright if you like saxophones


Swishas And Doshas – UGK: mp3

The Game Belongs To Me – UGK: mp3

Quit Hatin’ The South – UGK ft. Charlie Wilson & Willie D: mp3

Cocaine – UGK ft. Rick Ross: mp3

Candy – UGK: mp3

Two Type Of Bitches – UGK ft. Dizzie Rascal & Pimpin’ Ken: mp3

Molly Lambert Is Senior Editor of This Recording. She already feels bad about making that LOL Ashbery. She knows one day she too will be an octogenarian Pulitzer winner and that it’s mean and ageist to imply all old people are senile. We all know they are getting way more action than our ghey emotionally constipated generation of Mumblecorinthians.

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