In Which The Original Recorder Camille Paglia Throws It Down Hard With Some Strident Discourse

The Little Girl Wearing White Gloves

by Alex Carnevale

“Booknotes Excerpt 1” — Camille Paglia (mp3

“Booknotes Excerpt 2” — Camille Paglia (mp3

Camille on BookTV, video

She is the doyenne of everything and the goddess of all. She brought sassy retrograde feminism to the masses. In this interview she does she even talks about this letter she wrote to Time magazine being like a founding document of feminism. There was feminism before Camille Paglia, but I mean, it wasn’t cool. She was on a motorcycle. She was ambiguous, androgynous in appearance but bracingly definitive in her writing.

There’s something about Camille in the way she talks about everything. Nothing is out of bounds with her. She could be merciless–her love and perceived subsequent betrayal of the Clintons was a big moment. She taught me how to feel about the Clintons. When I heard that she felt as she did I wished to feel the same way instantly.

The only other mind that has ever convinced me of something as quickly is that of William F. Buckley Jr. You liberals probably don’t even know who he is any more. He’s quite an old man now, and he still writes a newspaper column three times a week, and it’s still interesting. That is the most awesome feat of writing and intellect I can imagine.

When Bill Buckley goes we will have lost one of the finest minds of this or any other generation.

He’ll either educate your children, or give them nightmares in their sleep.

I’m shocked someone didn’t think Camille Paglia, movie star, and it’s to her credit that she’s focused on an academic existence instead of a cultural one. The cultural machine chews you up and spits you out, Salon never fires anyone.

The most important thing Camille has is a sense of humor.

Andrea Dworkin – a fear of pornography is the one central quality of fascism

Dworkin’s an interesting character.

In 1974, she met feminist writer and activist John Stoltenberg when they both walked out on a poetry reading in Greenwich Village over misogynist material. They became close friends and eventually came to live together. Stoltenberg wrote a series of radical feminist books and articles on masculinity. Although Dworkin publicly wrote “I love John with my heart and soul” and Stoltenberg described Dworkin as “the love of my life”, she continued to publicly identify herself as lesbian, and he as gay. Stoltenberg, recounting the perplexity that their relationship seemed to cause people in the press, summarized the relationship by saying “So I state only the simplest facts publicly: yes, Andrea and I live together and love each other and we are each other’s life partner, and yes we are both out.”

That’s pretty wild.

Dworkin and Stoltenberg were married in 1998; after her death, Stoltenberg said “It’s why we never told anybody really that we married, because people get confused about that. They think, Oh, she’s yours. And we just did not want that nonsense.”

But I mean, Camille and I both love The Bachelorette, it’s fate. If she had a straight twin we would be having such a May-December romance. Italian women are really the salt of the earth, aren’t they?

I have blogged about Camille like 80 times. For me, it doesn’t get old.

The thing about her, which I will die liking in anyone, is that she has an open mind, the freest of imaginations. Most men and women of her generation have trouble connecting with the attention-span culture of today, but she directly engages it, seeing that it is really no worse, and–this is the important part–that we are still in a time of liberation.


“About To Give Out” — Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers (mp3)

“Accused of Love” — Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers (mp3)

The Syndicate made its officious debut.

“Today the best thing I saw was at the airport, a little girl was waiting line at customs, trailing behind her family, touching each one of the poles that are there to keep us in lines, hugging each pole and kissing each pole as she passed.” Would you like to know more?

Tess’ superb plan to become a lingerie model. It will happen eventually, we just know it.

Molly got depressed about late capitalist America.

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