In Which I Collaborate With My Former Nemesis, Kanye West

It Had to Happen

by Danish Aziz



D’Aziz – “Be A Puppeh” (produced by Kanye West) (mp3)

A new collaboration between ‘Ye and the puppy from the world famous “Puppy Whistle” video. A clean version of the full Graduation has leaked, this is reportedly a bonus track.

In this video, Kanye name drops Justice and Chromeo, talks about wearing tight jeans, and defines “more black” as “super-in-the-hood hood.” Kanye’s deep desire to be accepted by the type of people who read Vice proves that “hipsters” truly are the new jocks.

He’s even gone as far as adopting that set’s use of “edgy racism.” It was somewhat unavoidable this time, but I try not to use the “h” word because people feign a disdain for “them” yet secretly love to be thought of in that way…just like the word “pretentious.”

In the sheep’s mind, “hipster” equals “hip” and pretentious equals “smart,” when in reality the former is the embodiment of conformity and the latter just means “I didn’t understand what that person was saying.”

Danish Aziz is a writer and music producer living in San Francisco, California. He usually does it all for the mookie.

They are putting this on cigarette packs in Britain now, how about that?


We published someone’s embarrassing e-mail.

We did the links thing.

And then we went surfing! Check back in with us this weekend; some blogs take vacations, we never do.

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