In Which Midweek Links Sate Your Need For a Man Around the House

Ed Koch’s movie reviews are the sauce on the steak platter that is your life. If you did not know, he is the former mayor of New York. He supported Bush, I think twice. He’s still a Democrat, I think. This is his spectacular review of the movie Superbad. He posts his reviews a lot. Thanks to Gideon for passing this on.

Movie Review: Superbad

September 4, 2007

This is one of the funnier movies I have seen over the years. There is no nudity or sexually explicit scenes, but because of the theme of the film and the obscene language that is constantly used, it is one of the most vulgar films I have ever seen.

The three main characters are teenage boys who are just graduating from high school. Evan (Michael Cera) and Fogell (Christopher Mintz-Plasse) have been accepted at Dartmouth. Seth, who is the crudest in his language and most obvious in his sexual obsession, is no Ivy Leaguer. He will go to a state college and, therefore, won’t be joining his friends. The plot revolves around the underage boys seeking to buy liquor for a party. Two other principal characters are the corrupt cops, Officer Michaels (Seth Rogen) and Officer Slater (Bill Hader).

When I left the theater I was asked by a young man what I thought of the picture. I replied, “It is degenerate.”

The film is rated “R,” a category for which minimum standards are in steady decline. I’m not narrow in my views, certainly not prudish. I enjoy well-done films rated “R” and “NC-17.” But I do have standards and a moral code. This is a lewd movie devoted to outrageous sexual language, and the combination of youth and degeneracy is particularly disquieting. I believe many people will be embarrassed beyond belief by the gross language in this flick and that they would not want their adolescent children to see it. Today it is not very difficult for someone under the age of 17 to get in to see an “R” rated film, and I believe this one will attract youngsters well below that age.

I also believe the film portrays American students, to both friends and enemies of our country, in a very vile and, hopefully, untrue light. Osama bin Laden could have produced the movie as part of his propaganda to show the decline of American culture. After viewing it our enemies will trumpet that Western Civilization is in steady decline, particularly in California.

I saw “Superbad” two weeks after it opened, and the show was sold out. It may still be number one at the box office, but I would not recommend this movie to anyone.

HS said: “The movie is gross, funny in a half-assed way, and made for a world where teens rule. The boys want to score with the girls, and the girls will co-operate but only when they are drunk enough. So they give the boys the money to buy booze.

Since everyone is well under 21, the boys try to buy liquor with an obviously phony ID. The cops they meet are themselves juvenile in manner, reckless and corrupt. The parents are almost invisible, except for one mother with cleavage. Various characters are run over by cars but always unhurt, like in cartoons. Everybody is young, white and movie-star cute, even the fat boy and the chunky girl. If you want to see almost two hours of this junk, if four-letter words are music to your ears, pay $11 and go to “Superbad.” Consider yourselves warned – or attracted.

Awesome James Gardner piece on a few new museums.

Eric Ormsby, in the same issue of the Sun, discusses the genetic divide between man and animal.

And yet, the puzzle of our apartness remains; to be human is to be caught in a strange midway kingdom. We sense but can’t know the minds of our fellows in that neighboring realm. Montaigne put it best, in a remark Mr. Kemp quotes: “When I play with my cat, how do I know that she is not passing time with me rather than I with her?”

Dutch royal couple edits own wikipedia entry.

You must, must, must treat twins differently.

The final installment of Safe for Crackers. (jefitoblog)

This Jonny Greenwood project is weird and awesome.

Oh MAN, I was a huge Craig David fan back in the day, good to know he’s still alive.

One of my favorite essayists has always been Hillel Halkin, who has written more important things about the peace process in the Middle East than anyone, ever. He broke it down yesterday:

The notion that if negotiations between two parties fail, the concessions made by the more forthcoming of the two must again be offered when negotiations recommence is absurd. It is like saying that if you are bargaining for a used car the owner of which asks for $10,000 and refuses to come down by one cent even after you have upped your initial offer to $7,500 from $5,000, he then has the right to say to you a month later: “All right, I demand that you come back to the bargaining table. My starting price is still $10,000, your initial offer is now $7,500, let’s negotiate from there.”

This isn’t the way the business world works. There, it is perfectly acceptable to reply, “I’m very sorry, you turned down my offer of $7,500 and it no longer stands.” But not when it comes to Israel and the Arabs. And this is the danger of the November summit. Already we are being told, to take one example, the Olmert government is now willing to go beyond Mr. Barak’s offer and trade land on the basis of one-to-one. Since it is extremely unlikely that the Knesset or the Israeli public would ever accept such a trade, or that it would induce the Palestinians to back down on other issues, it too will not produce a peace treaty when the November summit is held. Meanwhile, however, the damage will have been done. The next time Israel sits down to negotiate with the Palestinians, one-to-one will be considered its starting point.

You look at Halkin, who has been relentlessly moral his whole life, and then you look at Mark Steyn, who doesn’t even know what he’s defending any more:

A measure of hypocrisy is necessary to a functioning society.

It’s quite possible, on the one hand, to be opposed to the legalization of prostitution yet, on the other, to pull your hat down over your brow every other Tuesday and sneak off to the cat house on the other side of town. Your inability to live up to your own standards does not, in and of itself, nullify them.

Wow, Mark, I think you’re one step away from nihilism there big guy. “We believe in nothzing.”

Hate crime in Chicago.

Pop stars all die too soon.

Viagra might have some nasty side effects.

Becca and I were talking more about what she was like as a teen, and she said, and I quote, “I don’t think I know anyone who wasn’t a good student.” Wow.

Brad Pitt gets attacked, probably by Billy Bob Thornton. Gosh, remember Sling Blade? That was one horrible movie.

The Office is almost back, get excited with this preview.

Dave also has this awesome series on the Canon, see what he means here.

Chad VanGaalen from Neiles Life.

The time he helped some Jews.

Free Amir. (Free Darko)

CNN fucked up:

NO wonder CNN gets its clock cleaned by Fox News. Two weeks ago, Anderson Cooper shot a pretaped Hurricane Katrina special in New Orleans, but somehow the tapes got lost. According to our spy, “Anderson was on vacation in Europe last week when he got a call saying he had to fly back to the States and reshoot the entire special in New Orleans. The screw-up cost tens of thousands of dollars, and he was not happy. It was unbelievable.” A rep for CNN said, “Yes, footage was lost, but he always had plans to be in New Orleans if needed . . . It was a great show.”

The Brooklyn Book Festival is on the 16th, you’ll want to be checking that out.

This piece on Hillary from the NYT must be read.

Politics ain’t fun and glamour, as Sen. Sam Brownback finds out in this delightful image.

John Edwards’ health plan scares the living crap out of us. Sadly, it may actually be the future. Requiring people get mammograms is one step closer to 1984, but I grant you that it is less expensive than treating someone for breast cancer. I’d condemn Edwards’ stupidity, but it’s not like any real solutions are forthcoming.

“I Summon You” — Spoon (mp3)

“The Weight of the Stars” — Hefner (mp3)

“Japan Is An Island” — The Spinto Band (mp3)

Hefner website


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