In Which September Is The Coolest Month

by Molly Lambert


Jason Segel and Kristen Bell filming Segel’s screenwriting debut Forgetting Sarah Marshall, presumably based on Segel’s experiences dating Freaks And Geeks co-star Linda Cardellini. He wrote a really touching piece for Jane magazine once about how she broke up with him because he’d basically given up and gotten fat.

We here at TR love Jason Segel. He is on our favorite sitcom that isn’t The Office, How I Met Your Mother. He stole every episode of Undeclared he was on as the main character’s love interest’s psychotic ex-boyfriend Eric. I am probably legally obligated to mention that he went to my high school and I saw him compete for a regional basketball title at the Arrowhead Pond once.

Since everyone else is so keen on making events calendars, I thought I’d trial-run making one of my own for Angelenos.


6: The Charlyne Yi Special at The UCB Theater, Stoneface opening reception at FOCA, Magnolia Electric Co. (Jason Molina of Songs:Ohia) at the Echo, Bergman movies at the New Beverly (Sawdust and Tinsel and Summer with Monika), Dark Meat at The Smell

7: Dead Meadow at 6th and Alameda warehouse, Jon Brion at Largo, Josephine Baker films double bill at The Aero, Foot Village and Lucky Dragons at The Smell

8: Hannah And Her Sisters at the Hollywood Cemetary (get there early!), Jon Brion at Largo

9: Harold and Maude at the New Bev, Repulsion at UCLA Film Archive with rarely screened seventies British film See No Evil whose amazing description is thus –

Recuperating at her uncle’s country estate after a riding accident left her blind, Sarah (Mia Farrow) wakes up to discover her entire family has been slaughtered by a crazed serial killer. Determined to track down the killer herself, Sarah sets off on horseback, only to find herself momentarily impeded when she is trapped in a clay pit by a family of sinister gypsies.

10: Patton Oswalt and Doug Benson at Largo, Harold and Maude at the New Bev

Undeclared is the only mumblecore sitcom to date

11: Lady Party 911 at the Echoplex ft. Yo Majesty, hosted by Object, Jon Brion at Largo, Harold and Maude at the New Bev

12: Kinski at the Echo, The Charlyne Yi Special at UCB, Fanny and Alexander at the New Beverly, last shopping day for our birthday!

13: Alex and my’s birthday! Metropolis free outdoor screening at the Santa Monica Pier drive-in, Built To Spill at the Henry Fonda Theater, Pillow Fight Fight at The Smell

14: Dirty Projectors and Yacht at the Echoplex, Boogie Nights double-billed with Roller Boogie at the New Beverly, Built To Spill at the Henry Fonda Theater, Suishou No Fune and The Show Is The Rainbow at The Smell.

15: The Legendary Stardust Cowboy (!) at Mr. T’s Bowl, Boogie Nights/Roller Boogie at the New Bev, The Exorcist (last Cemetary Screening of the Summer) at Hollywood Forever, The Melvins at the Henry Fonda Theater, Heavy Metal Variety Hour at UCB with Thomas Lennon, Steve Agee, David Wain, and host Seth Morris

16: Spectrum (Pete Kember/Sonic Boom from Spacemen 3) at Part Time Punks, Playtime and Mon Oncle at the New Bev. Jason Pierce (later of Spiritualized) and Pete Kember also share a birthday

17: The Clientele at The Wiltern, Playtime and Mon Oncle at the New Bev

18: Satan’s Mistress and Scream Of The Demon Lover at the New Bev

19: The Ritual and The Magician at the New Bev

20: The Kristen Schaal Show at UCB, Larry Blamire’s Trail Of The Screaming Forehead at the Egyptian, O’Death at the Echo, Tight Spot at UCLA Film Archive

21: Spider Baby and Pit Stop at the Egyptian Theater, Lucksmiths at El Cid


McLovin it! There, we said it. Fuck.

22: Silver Apples at Spaceland, Switchblade Sisters at the Egyptian, Mimi Nguyen and John Paul Ricco at Telic Arts Exchange

23: Day Of The Locust at the Egyptian Theater, Semiotexte presents Deleuze from A to Z at Mandrake Bar, Easy Living at UCLA Film Archive

25: White Heat at LACMA

26: Upsilon Acrux at The Scene

27: Thee L.A. Gentleman Callers at Silverlake Lounge, The Benson Interruption at UCB

28: Low at the Troubadour, Lauren Weedman followed by the Glass Beef Comeback Special at UCB, Jail Weddings at The Scene

29: Gary Dauphin at Telic, Low at the Troubadour

30: The Mae Shi at The Smell

Now download these Paul Siebel songs.

Nervous – Paul Siebel: mp3

Jack-Knife Gypsy – Paul Siebel: mp3

If I Could Stay – Paul Siebel: mp3

Jasper and the Miners – Paul Siebel: mp3

She Made Me Lose My Blues – Paul Siebel: mp3

Molly Lambert is Senior Editor of This Recording. Like Judd, she is fairly self-loathing and a big fan of Loudon Wainwright III.


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