In Which We Become 9/11 In A Serious Case of Transference

The Day Everyone Should Get Off Work

by Alex Carnevale

“Songs That We Sing” — Charlotte Gainsbourg (mp3)

The best way to forget something actually happened is to give them a day off work to not remember it. I hope we get to that point with the events that occurred on September 11th, 2001.

The men who drove planes into the World Trade Center did so because they lived at a time in history when a dominant, profitable, white culture shared the same space as their misanthropic, misogynist excuse for a society.

Jealousy is the most powerful of human emotions, and a rich West juggled its jewels, lording itself over a generation of Muslims. These Muslims have infiltrated Europe, and made serious inroads into American society as well. They have exploited the U.S. loyalty to Israel to create a scapegoat to their relative poverty, and disempowered young men are easily exploded.

A new generation of Muslims may learn different lessons about America, but the current generation isn’t too enthused with us, and they have some legit beef, which inspires them to non-legit violence.

We have the superior culture, but it’s never good to act superior even if you are superior, unless you’re like Roger Federer or something, when it is fairly obvious.


Norman Podhoretz calls this conflict World War IV. It is only a war, though, if there is a question over whether or not we can win. There is no question. Even if America survives the onslaught of a violent underclass, even if capitalism is the rare system which can absorb any opposition to itself, a civilization as decadent and wealthy as ours never lasts forever.

There has never been a civilization as prosperous as ours. We don’t know about other galaxies, but we can conclude we are relatively unique, even if we are not the only life in the universe. Earth’s conditions are relatively uncommon–we are the perfect distance from the sun, and we are just smart enough, perhaps, not to destroy each other reflexively. We do it, but we think about doing it.

The left seems to already want to create some distance from 9/11, make it just a day between the 10th and 12th. The right wants to milk it for all it’s worth–a flag in every home means plenty of registered Republicans. Since the former are the only ones that don’t wish to use it for political means, it’s easy enough to just bash the Republicans, and rightly so.

But this difference in political usage also masks a larger ideological divide, between people who were profoundly changed by the moment and its repercussions, and those who were not.

Moreover, this divide is increasingly generational. This is bad, bad news for the Republicans, but not for forty years or so, and that’s the moment when 9/11 will truly be forgotten. At this point the new Republicans will presumably have some other event to exploit for massive political gain.

Putting aside, the political, coming to the real.

“The Operation” — Charlotte Gainsbourg (mp3)

Is this threat a serious one? William F. Buckley quotes Daniel Pipes on this, and then concludes his essay.

Add to the above “a huge number of committed cadres. If Islamists constitute 10 percent to 15 percent of the Muslim population worldwide, they number some 125 million to 200 million persons, or a far greater total than all the fascists and communists, combined, who ever lived.”


Those critics who insist that it is only a small war-party faction of the Islamists that we have to fear might have been asked a generation ago if it was not merely a small number of Germans and Russians we were properly exercised about. Sixty million people were dead after that misreckoning.

WFB loves to go the Holocaust, it’s like his 9/11.

“Tel Que Tu Es” — Charlotte Gainsbourg (mp3)

The question then becomes whether Western democracies can absorb mass integration of Muslims without creating a violent world underclass. I say yes, yes, we’ll all be Americans, soon enough. We might even like it.

Last night I was at a bar in the West Village and I was raving about 9/11. I think I may have mentioned how great it all was. This dude next to me was about to explode and snap me in half. Some people just have no idea what freedom is.

Alex Carnevale is the editor of This Recording.


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Clinton makes the victims of air pollution the story.

Yale students protest Donald Kagan as a 9/11 speaker because he “politicizes” the event. That’s one of the dumbest things I’ve ever heard.

Liberals use it to their advantage, conservatives to theirs.

Matt Taibbi on the 9/11 truth movement. You can get the idea of what that is here.


Did I give you too much of myself?

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Don’t forget about pledge week; we really need yr help!


Mummy of Inca maiden.

7 thoughts on “In Which We Become 9/11 In A Serious Case of Transference

  1. I used to share the lefty blow back theory of 911. I think we did this to ourselves. The anthrax was U.S. weapons grade and sent to opponents of the patriot act. It was also sent to the man that published photos of Bush’s daughters getting arrested or being drunk or whatever. How do the 19 Saudi’s fit into these events? Why is it never brought up?

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    and practice something from other web sites.

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