In Which I Salute The Birthday Of My Friend

Our senior editor, doin’ what she does best.

As you may already know, it is Molly and I’s birthday, which might lead you to believe we are one person if you did not have the hawt photo on the sidebar of Ms. Lambert.

September 13, 1983 ushered my friend Molly into the world. (I am older by a few hours.)

I remember the first time I met Molly. We were in a class at Brown called Proscenium Music, which would have more accurately been titled, You Won’t Believe You Get Academic Credit For This.

At that time, Molly was working on a musical called Bake Off, which ended up being the most hilarious thing ever written in the bake off genre. She wrote a part for our zany professor–the part was that of a hippie teacher who bakes an LSD cake. Our instructor was not as amused as I was.

Maybe you woulda been something I’d be good at

“Call It Off” — Tegan and Sara (mp3)

Molly used to talk straight through class, and most of what she was saying was completely hilarious, so I started to take notice of it.

I never really tried to hit on her, because that would be like trying to hit on Foucault or Ed Begley Jr. or something. You can’t really hit on something that’s primarily a construct.

We started to get to know each other a little better in that class. Many people were intimidated by Molly–this is no surprise, as she is the most verbose person since like, Proust, and no way Proust talked more than her.

Immediately I wanted to publish Molly’s writing, and I have since I met her. She has an infinitely interesting mind, reminding me a lot of these dudes in that way

It is my good fortune to know her and to bring those of you who know nothing of Zac Efron’s homosexuality and other important subjects one of the greatest minds of her generation.

We published Molly’s column in every issue I edited of the Brown arts & culture magazine, and when I founded This Recording and carried it to its now legendary status as the most incomprehensible thing out there, I knew exactly who I wanted for a partner in crime. Now we have more partners, and we love the kiddies, but there will only be one Molly, I mean come on!

Even though Molly’s on the west coast, she still permits me to listen to her whenever I want. Sometimes she’ll be talking for a ten minute period and I will just be listening and when she’s done I’ll be like, why didn’t you blog that instead of telling it to me? We’re trying to conserve resources here.

Molly and I have written a lot of words to each other in the years since met in Proscenium Music. She went through her divorce; I briefly considered adopting a Burmese boy named Ronaldo. When one of us is in crisis, the other feels it perceptively and acts accordingly. She is the burning candle, I am the absence of light. She is the arbiter of taste and style, I am a libertarian.

I am so lucky to have a friend like her. Happy Birthday, Molly!

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