In Which Friday Links Make You Start To Wonder If This Is The Thing To Do

My favorite story this week:

My second favorite:

Roger Golden, a megastar among drug smugglers, is facing a new round of drug- possession charges be cause he was dumb enough – or arrogant enough – to place 35 pounds of pot in a storage locker.

The locker was in a self-storage facility next to the Big Apple offices of the Drug Enforcement Administration.

The self-storage building has two entrances – one of the them through the lobby of the DEA building.

Drug agents got wind of what was going on and busted Golden, 63, on Wednesday. He was being held for arraignment to morrow.

“Here’s a guy that has been known to drug law-enforcement for 30 years and he picks, of all places, to store his marijuana in a storage facility connected to the New York office of the DEA,” said John Gilbride, head of the office.

“The only thing he didn’t do was walk in, surrender and go to our jail.”

“Slow Hands (Britt Daniel remix)” — Interpol (mp3)

Busted in 1995, Golden was sentenced to 13 years in the slammer two years later. He was released 18 months ago.

But when he had an accomplice rent the locker in the Manhattan Mini Storage building at 10th Avenue and 18th Street, he apparently was unaware that the DEA had moved its office from Midtown to Chelsea.

Drug agents walking to the office passed the self-storage facility and smelled that smell, Gilbride said.

They brought in a sniffer dog, and the pooch sat down in front of Golden’s locker.

The agents, working with the office of NYC Special Narcotics Prosecutor Bridget Brennan, then got a warrant and opened the locker Wednesday.

They found the 35 pounds of pot, drug paraphernalia and a cardboard box with Golden’s name and address on it, court papers said.

“Down with Prince” — Hot Chip (mp3)

Owen hires a sober companion.

O.J. casino robbery?

Top 13 Haunted Houses in America.

Rudy runs a campaign ad in the Times. MoveOn pays less for their ads.

NYU evicts lucky old people. I hate rent control.

Kenya wants The Ghost and the Darkness, the two man-eating lions from Tsavo, back. I hope they didn’t end up like these lions.

Weinstein Company picked up the new Joy Division documentary.

Chick from Heroes breaks up with her sleaze bf.

My Ambien lover.

Adventures in Photoshop.

This picture is some scary ass shite:

“Killer Wants to Go to College” — Paul Simon (mp3)

Britney freaks out backstage.

Birthday Massacre mp3s at He’s A Whore.

“Utilitarian” — Spoon (mp3)

Come on Heath:

HEATH Ledger isn’t letting any grass grow under his feet. Just a week after announcing his split from Michelle Williams, Ledger has been squiring Danish pastry Helena Christensen all over town. Tuesday night, the two were at Wakiya “making out throughout the dinner,” our spy said. Acting like a good boyfriend, Ledger even “held her bag for her as she did interviews.” The two then went to the after-party for the movie “Eastern Promises” at the Soho Grand, and ended up at the Spotted Pig.

That’s funny I was at The Spotted Pig the other day, and all I saw was a chick that looked like Jessica Biel and a crying baby.

“Accordian” — Madvillain (mp3)

Queens girls suffers a stroke because school wouldn’t call 911.

Bronwen on Michael Ondaatje.

Borat gets Jews lynched? (Contentions)

This week’s releases. (Instrumental Analysis)

New Julie Taymor Beatles movie looks all right.

The truth about Liars. (Mainstream Isn’t So Bad)

Real history meets grade school history.

Interpol at Madison Square Garden tonight.

Hero Hill on the New Amsterdams.

WFB on Iraq.

Phenomenal Black Keys Peel session. (The Runout Groove)

The Music Slut is the only blog we are still looking up to on Hype Machine. If someone had to postpone our eventual takeover of the known world, we are glad they are posting sweet tracks!


We like the Mother Jones blog.

Swan Fungus.

Magic Molly.

Lost in your inbox.

Vain of Galen.

Surviving My Loss.

Secret Agent Josephine.

He really is a lucky guy.


My little brother got a new car.

The new tallest free-standing structure in the world.

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