In Which Saturday Links Are Most Fun You Can Have Without Laughing

Esquire used to have more of a sense of humor about itself:

Esquire Logo

This is getting a bit literal now. They’re blaming Benicio Del Toro.

The effect that cell-phones will have on the inner ear.

“Jeepster” — T-Rex (mp3)

Sunshine Kids

“Riot in Thunder Alley” — Eddie Beram (mp3)

Buy the Death Proof soundtrack here.

Ruth Wisse on the five best Jew books.

Nicole Richie pregnancy pics.

The city was going to build this $215 million dollar water park on Randall’s Island.

How to become a prop for China.

Death Proof

Tarantino’s half of the exercise (which also includes Robert Rodriguez’s self-scored Planet Terror) features another effusive slice of the director’s eclectic musical sensibility to underscore its manic tale of stuntman/psycho-killer Kurt Russell and his muscle-car-fueled exploits. Tarantino works from a familiar formula that variously mixes evocative, semi-obscure Italian film cues from Morricone and Dinaggio, contrasting slices of ’60s catalog from the great Jack Nitzsche and Brit Invasion also-rans DDDBM&T and some ’70s fodder from both ends of the Top 40 via Smith and T. Rex, also stirring in a savory mid-disc run of R&B that stretches from PG&E’s upbeat read of “Stagger Lee” through more familiar fare from Joe Tex, Eddie Floyd, and the Coasters. The director also serves up a couple of those deliciously off-kilter obscurities that have come to be his musical trademark as a coda: Eddie Beram’s thumping “Riot in Thunder Alley” and April March’s infectious ditz-pop take on Serge Gainsbourg’s loopy “Chick Habit.”

“Staggolee” — Pacific Gas and Electric (mp3)

The Late Greats puts out top mixtapes reflexively.

1970s architecture rocks us hard.

Lindsay don’t be homewrecking now honey.

Who’s afraid of Ang Lee?

Orhan Pamuk moves to Riverside.


Bush said he got a B in Economics 101, adding, after one of his famous pauses, “I got an A, however, in keeping taxes low. . ..” And when the laughter died down and the questions continued he showed over and over again that he has a profound understanding of the economy and of his own policies – and of where he fits in to classical economics.

That’s retarded. Dick Cheney has a grasp of the economy, George Bush has a grasp of what journalists believe is a grasp of the economy. Dick Cheney also has a Hummer, did you know that?

Hayden Paniettiere is filled with hate.

Inside what should be an incredible documentary about bestiality. Others aren’t as excited about this subject matter.

James Frey’s new novel.

“Singalong Junk” — Paul McCartney (mp3)

Stock photos and Kazakstan.

Esquire Magazine has their cover galleries since 1933.

Roger Ailes at CNBC?

Here’s a sex in the city flashback if you can’t wait for the mother of all TV adaption to manifest itself in the print and television media for the next five years.


Podhoretz vs. Buruma.

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