In Which Beard Season Brings Out The Bears Of Fall

by Molly Lambert

So in case you live under a hetero rock or something, Bears are the subculture within the gay community where “bearlike” qualities like hairiness and chubbiness, are prized, along with a general aura of “cuddliness.” Kevin Smith just did a Bear magazine in support of the movie Small Town Gay Bar. We think Alex should do a Bear magazine in support of This Recording. Preferably A Bear’s Life.

Figure out your Bear Code here with The Natural Bears Classification System. Apparently Bears with no facial hair are called Behrs. That’s pretty pretty ghey. These pictures are from A Bear’s Life’s website, taken at various Bear events last year including the famous annual Lazy Bear get-together.

Truly nothing is more erotic than a man kissing another man who looks just like him.

Genuine Chicago Bears.

Some sort of Caveman Bearlesque spectacle.

Don’t you want to know what that one dude is whispering in that other guy’s ear?

Bears in a lodge, hey is that Mark “The Cobrasnake” Hunter in the bottom left corner? Weird.

These dudes are all like “First we’re gonna kick your asses, then we’re gonna eat them!”

Freedom of self expression personified.

Somebody please explain the elephant?



Sufjan Stevens, Bear or Twink?

Bear Cub, a Spanish film about the Bear subculture

The Bears, an indie-pop band from Cleveland

Mitch Hedberg on the differences between bears and frogs


Molly Lambert is Senior Editor of This Recording

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