In Which We Talk Cubs and Cupcakes

The Ryan Gosling Radiohead Cupcake Rainbow Connection

By Molly Lambert

New Radiohead album In Rainbows available as a “pay what you like” download, or eighty dollar box-set. Radiohead were way ahead of Kanye and everyone but Bjork on this “futuristic rainbow post-apocalypse” tip people are all on now.

I know there are jobs more humiliating than being Carson Daly. Gravedigger mabez? He was good in Josie and the Pussycats. Yes homo.

Will Hubbard? No, it’s evil emosogynist Zach Braff.

Sweetheart Ryan Gosling on the other hand has apparently started eating and stopped shaving for the start of Bear Season, perhaps to head off fellow Indie Darling/Baby Bear with a G last name, Gyllenhaal.

We have some (fabulous Jewess) Ashley Tisdale fans up in the house, this goes out to them. Haaaay!

Murray and The Cubs. In related news, can we get the Mets Poet on as a Senior Editor?

Randy and Dean of NO AGE

No Age are a band from Los Angeles now on Sub Pop featuring ex-members of Wives. These songs are from their new full-length on Fat Cat, Weirdo Rippers.

Boy Void – No Age: mp3

My Life’s Alright Without You – No Age: mp3

Loosen This Job – No Age: mp3

Gosling: featured in rap about cupcakes, cupcaking with Rachel McAdams, looks like he has been eating a few cupcakes of late.

Molly Lambert is Senior Editor of This Recording.


The definition of cupcaking.

Mr. Manners on cupcaking etiquette.

Hotel Chevalier was too sugary for salt-of-the-earth Dan Murray.

Alex snuggled Michael Cera and painted flour whiskers on his cheeks.

9 thoughts on “In Which We Talk Cubs and Cupcakes

  1. HAHA, I am going to send the no age guys a link to this article, Randy and my old roomie used to cupcake all over this bitch (this bitch being my livingroom). Toodles!

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